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{Est. 2008} So much good stuff, you won't know where to begin.


Q: I sent a customer service request via ___________ (insert your choice of Facebook, Twitter, Ravelry, Pinterest, Instagram, etc here) and haven't heard back.  What should I do?

A: We only conduct customer service via email.  Please contact us via our contact page on the website or directly at service [at] blacktrilliumfibres [dot] com.  We do not have a regular customer service phone line.

Q: What is a Gradient Yarn (kit)?

A: At Black Trillium Fibres, a gradient yarn kit is five separate skeins dyed in increasingly saturated shades of one color.  The dyestocks for each gradient yarn color are premixed following a specific formula.  All of our gradient yarns are submersion dyed rather than hand-painted.  Please see our blog post here for more information.

Q: How do I get free shipping?

A: For orders shipped to US addresses (including Alaska and Hawaii), free shipping is automatically calculated at checkout for orders totaling $125 or more after any other discounts are applied.

Q: How do I use a discount or coupon code?

A: After you have entered a shipping address, you will see a total on the next page.  The box below that allows you to enter discount codes.  This will not happen if you use Paypal Express.

Q: Can you wind my order?

A: Sadly, we cannot.  This is one of the biggest inconveniences of buying on the internet, and we understand your frustration.  However, we can happily recommend our favorite brand of yarn swift and ball winder.

Q: The color I want is out-of-stock.  When will it be coming back?

A: We are always dyeing more yarn, especially gradient yarns.  Due to high volume demand, we are not able to give an estimate for returning colors in any of our base yarns or gradients.

Q: Are your yarns dyed-to-order?

A: Yes, most of them are. This process can, from dyeing to drying to packing to shipping, can take up to two weeks.

Q: Do you take custom orders?

A: Under certain circumstances, we are able to do custom orders.  Please contact us via email for more information.

Q: How about custom yardage?

A: We are not able to do custom yardage.

Q: Where can I see all your repeatable colors?

A: On Pinterest.  You can see most of our colors this way, and we are frequently developing more or working on exclusive colors for our various retail shops.

Q: The color I received looks very different in person than it did on my device.  What should I do?

A: Color depiction on electronic devices can be affected by so many variables that it isn't possible for us to take responsibility for in-person differences.  However, you are always welcome to read our return policy and see if that option works for you.

Q: Some pictures are not displaying in my internet browser.  Help?

A: There are known issues with our website displaying incorrectly in Internet Explorer and we are working to correct them.  If you would like to see everything displayed properly, you can use Chrome or Firefox instead.

Q: Do you have somewhere I can see all your colors worked up?

A: Not really.  With more than 300 regular repeatable colors, 50+ gradient yarn colors, that would be a lot of swatch knitting.  If you would like to get an idea for how our colors work up, it is best to check out finished projects on Ravelry using our yarns.  (If you don't have a Ravelry profile and you knit, crochet, spin or weave, you really should - it might be the best database in history.)

Q: I bought a paper pattern/pattern PDF from you at a show/from your website/etc.  Can you add it to my Ravelry library?

A: The thing to remember about Ravelry is that it is not a cloud storage system.  The founders of Ravelry have graciously bought enough storage space so that designers could store and sell their patterns, but this is an expensive proposition and is partially justified by the income Ravelry sees from each pattern sold.  Instead, we suggest you investigate something like Dropbox for your pattern storage needs.

We aren't able to offer an electronic copy of any of the patterns purchased from us via Ravelry at this time.

Q: I see a lot of variability between certain colors or batches.  Can you explain this?

A: Dyeing is all about chemistry.  We do what is essentially submersion dyeing, so the way the dye appears on the yarn can be affected by water temperature, acidity, the fiber content of the yarn, the age/viscosity/dilution of the dye, where and how the dye is applied, how much (if at all) the yarn is agitated after the dye is applied, how fast the dye absorbs, and what phase the moon is in.  Okay, just kidding about that last one.  But you get the idea: there is a lot going on when you hand dye yarn.  Whether you buy directly from us or from one of our wonderful retailers, please, please, please buy enough for your intended project.  There is no guarantee that yarns will match from one dye batch to the next.

Q: Will your yarn bleed or fade?

A: We do everything within our power to prevent bleeding and fading.  As a matter of pride, we have researched the actual chemistry required to make our dyes colorfast and we adhere to these professional laboratory standards with every batch of yarn.  There are some dyes (reds, greens, turquoise/blues) that will produce a small amount of bleeding when rinsed in hot water or while knitting regardless of how carefully they were used in the dye studio.  If you have concerns, please pre-rinse your brighter colors in warm water and vinegar or wool wash before using them in projects with lighter colors.

Q: Where are Black Trillium Fibres yarn from?

A: We work with a mill in Peru to have yarn substrates made exclusively for us.  All our yarn is dyed and processed in the United States.

Q: Do you take wholesale customers?

A: No.  We want to work with everyone, but because of space and time limitations we no longer sell our yarns wholesale.

Q: How long has Black Trillium Fibres been around?

A: We've been dyeing yarn since August of 2008.  Our studio began in Beaverton, Oregon, moved to Seattle, Washington for several years, and now we are once again based in Oregon.

Q: Why haven't I heard of Black Trillium Fibres before?

A: The internet is a big place.  We have chosen to focus our energies on dyeing and trying new things rather than advertising.  We have only recently (since 2011) started attending fiber shows with our stock.  Essentially, we've stayed pretty local, building business slowly through word-of-mouth.

Q: How do I keep up with sales, new colors, stock updates, exclusive knit-alongs, and general news?

A: Our newsletter.  Sign up here.