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03 Jun '14

Summer KAL: Anserini Hat & Cowl

Summer is here, and so it is time to get thinking about our next exclusive knit-a-long! The illustrious Alex Tinsley, designer behind Dull Roar, is a long-time friend and so I'm very excited to have one of her designs as our third quarter knitting project. We'll get to use my newest yarn substrate, Sublime, in three colors to do some great striping and happy colorwork. If you're ready for a break from shawls and socks, I'd say you better jump on board with us and knit a hat and cowl! Sublime is a very soft 3-ply 100% Superwash Merino yarn that knits up as a lighter DK weight, making it the perfect texture for hats and cowls without having a high-stitch-per-inch gauge of sock weights or the bulkiness of a worsted. Alex took her colorwork inspiration from a quilting motif called Flying Geese. We collaborated on the color choices, preferring the Whimsical Solids to offer a more solid palette. The original design is knit in Flint 1 & 3, with Pacific 2 as the highlight. Two more combinations are available with the kit: Surf & Buckthorne; Truffle & Sprout. This exclusive will be available as a kit via my shop. The kits are pre-orders, which means I will dye the yarn after you order your kit. I will start shipping kits in order for them to arrive before the KAL starts on July 1st. Please select a color combination from the drop-down menu. We are not offering custom color combos for this KAL. From the Etsy listing: Third Quarter 2014 Exclusive Knit-a-long. KAL runs July 1 to September 30. Kit includes: - 1 paper pattern, Anserini Hat & Cowl by Alex Tinsley of Dull Roar, sample shown in Flint 1, 3 & Pacific 2 - 1 skein of the Main Color - 1 skein of the Contrast Color 1 - 1/2 skein of the Contrast Color 2 Pattern Details: - includes both written and charted instructions for both the hat and cowl - Skills used: Knitting in the round, colorwork, decreasing, provisional cast on, kitchener stitch. Items needed but not included in the kit: US 6 (4 mm) 16" circular needle, US 6 DPNs, US 7 (4.5 mm) 16" circular needle, stitch marker, darning needle, extra circular needle for working kitchener join Yarn Details: - Sublime DK, 100% Superwash Merino 3-ply DK weight - kit includes 2.5 skeins (or 250 grams) total - 6 sts per inch on US 5-6 - yarn is 260 yards per 100 grams, kit includes 260 yds each of 2 colors, and 130 yards of third color. Color choices: - Flint 1 & 3, full skeins each; Pacific 2, 1/2 skein - Surf 1 & 3, full skeins each; Buckthorne 2, 1/2 skein - Truffle 1 & 3, full skeins each; Sprout 2, 1/2 skein Photos of knitted samples courtesy Alex Tinsley.
09 Apr '14

Can't Knit? Blasphemy!

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First, a nice cheery photo of the booth just before opening at Vogue Seattle 2014: We had a great show, as the gradients were as popular as I thought they'd be. We brought all forty-two colors to the show and only took home about a quarter of that. I've been slowing working on dyeing and restocking the shop, but life has proven to have other plans for me. My children are both healthy once again, but my turn rolled around to get sick as they started to heal. I dutifully rested and waited out my fever, watching lots of shows, drinking tea and barely knitting a stitch. As soon as I could stand up without being too dizzy I got back to work testing new colors for a couple local shops and getting gradient orders out the door. With lots of hand washing in between, of course. The saddest part was that I still didn't feel like knitting even though my fever seemed abated. A couple of days ago, though, the fever came back with a smashing case of vertigo. I'm so disgusted, but I think I have an inkling why. Getting ready for fiber shows is a lot of work. There's nothing bad about getting ready to hang out with lots of knitters and see what wonderful things they intend to do with your yarn. A drawback to juggling family and a fiber business is that sleep comes in a distant third. Add to that the show itself and sleeping in a hotel, coming home to sick kiddos, spending three nights in the hospital, more sick kiddos after the hospital, then living through another two weeks of dormis interuptus due to your partner's snoring and your own bodily frailty, and you have a recipe for a sub-par immune system. I'm writing this from bed, trying to ignore the fact that groceries need shopped for, yarn needs dyed and reskeined and the dog needs walkies. I can barely stand because the dizziness is worse today than ever. But at least after bed rest yesterday I had a great night's sleep. I'm not one to take much for granted, especially my health but also good customer service. This has been a month's worth of very poor circumstances. I still don't feel much like knitting, but I'm hoping to soon because the Goloring KAL has started and I'm really excited to get going on mine in Shire. Kits are still available from my shop for pre-order.
05 Mar '14

RCYC 2014 Roundup

RCYC was manic this year, on both a personal and professional level. Getting ready for these things is always a bit crazy, trying to cover all your bases without knowing exactly what will end up happening. I took a huge amount of yarn over to The Knitting Bee on the day before the crawl started, and when I went back to pick it up on the following Tuesday it seems knitters didn't plan to let me take anything home. I saw many Rosaria and Rosaline. I finally met both designers in person on Saturday, and have interesting plans in the works with each of them for future Black Trillium Fibres projects. Our little neighborhood is chock full'o talented yarnies, IMO, and I love that I can look locally for so many willing designers! I made a point of wearing my handknit skirts this weekend. I wasn't the only one! Also in the shot is Castanets by Stick Chick Knits, in case you're in need of another beautiful shawl pattern. I think Swirl Skirt will have to be my next one, maybe in the Noro Silk Garden I have in my stash. I wonder what I should use for a contrast color? Now that RCYC 2014 is wrapped up, it is time to start thinking about VKL for real. I'll be in booth 221 again this year, and I'm planning to bring the whole complement of Gradient Kit colors in Pebble Sock, as well as quite a few in Lilt Sock. There will be loads of 100g skeins of various colors as well, so if there's a particular color and/or weight you want, drop me a line at blacktrillium [at] popculturezoo [dot] com.
26 Feb '14

New Pattern: Ombre Baby Blanket

Having a new yarn and whole new series of colors pretty much required I design something to show them both off. I'll try my hand at sweater design down the road, but to start us out I've put together a baby blanket that I think will be a great way to make use of the full sized gradient kits as well as the semi-solids. Ombre Baby Blanket To knit this blanket, you'll need a mid-length 4.0mm circular needle and six skeins of my Black Trillium Fibres Sublime in six different shades of the Whimsical Solids. You'll need to be familiar with following a written pattern using abbreviations outlined in the notes. This is a relatively easy knit, great for an experienced beginner. The blanket in the above pictures is worked up in two Whimsy colors, Buckthorne and Snapdragon. One skein of each of 3 shades was used. I have a ton of ideas for great color combinations besides the one I used in the sample. I'll try to put together a few different combos here so you can get the idea. Wisteria and Truffle Sprout and Rosewater Surf and Flint Or, one shade each of six colors. True Rainbow - Cardinal 3, Buckthorne 3, Pineapple 3, Sprout 3, Pacific 3 and Wisteria 3. With 36 different colors in the Whimsical Solids to choose from, I'm sure we can all come up with some really spectacular ideas. You can put together your own choices by selecting from the dyed to order listings on Etsy. If you'd rather try with a regular Gradient kit, send me an email with your color preference and we'll get a custom order in the queue. I think a full-sized gradient kit would look great with an undyed skein as a sixth color.
25 Feb '14

Rose City Yarn Crawl 2014

Our local yarn crawl, known briefly as the RCYC, begins this Wednesday evening with a kick-off party at the Windows Skyroom of the downtown Red Lion. For some of us, Wednesday is still a school night so I won't be able to trek all the way into town for The Yarn Ball, but I will be going to knit night at my local shop to accompany the rather large trunk show we've been putting together. You'll find me at The Knitting Bee from about 6:30pm to 8:30pm, where you'll also find quite a lot of Lilt Sock in my new Whimsical Solids and some accompanying multicolors. I'm also taking over a small selection of Pebble Sock in various colors and my new Sublime DK in a small selection of Whimsical Solids. My trunk show at The Bee also includes quite a few skeins of their signature color, Waggle Dance. The whole show will be running the length of the RCYC, which ends Sunday, March 2nd. I will be in attendance again with the trunk show for most of Saturday, so I hope to see a few of you locals then. Here's a list of my other stores taking part in the RCYC and their Black Trillium yarns: For Yarn's Sake has Lilt Sock. Happy Knits has Merilon Sock and Pebble Worsted. Black Sheep Orenco has Pebble Sock, Merilon Sock and what is left of my Pebble Silk Sock. Wool'n'Wares has Lilt Sock as well as Merilon Sock. I'm excited to see how many folks are wearing their Mystery Gear during the crawl! Quite a few knitters chose to use Lilt Sock for Michele Bernstein's shawl pattern, and I've been trying to keep track of some of the finished ones in a special thread in my Ravlery group. The thread only has a fraction of the shawls I've seen in person, so if you know someone with a finished one in Black Trillium Yarns send them my way! Hopefully I can put together a post-event round-up with photos an such before I go head-long into Vogue Knitting Live prep. TTFN!

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