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13 Aug '14

FLASH Sale, August 13 to 15

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August is for Flash Sales! Sweet and to the point: we're having a 20% off sale August 13 through 15. Use coupon code "FLASH" during checkout to receive the discount. Let's get this party started! Fine print:
  • sale is on current stock only
  • items cannot be held
  • shipping will begin August 15th
  • shipping is still free for orders over $100 in the US
  • 27 Dec '13

    Farewell 2013!

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    With only three days left in the year, I've been doing a little looking back. At my boys, who've grown so fast I feel dizzy wondering how we've kept up. At my business, which has put on some amazing growth of its own this year. Also at our lives, which have changed direction so much in the last few years that I'm grateful to be as happy and healthy and safe as we are. Our family, which all of you have supported by buying from my Etsy shop or my label in your local yarn store, is and always should be my number one priority. This year has brought me some wonderful, if unexpected, expansion via the popularity of the gradient kits. Trying to balance keeping colors in stock with the boys' school and our home life has made me a more efficient person but also a very stressed out one. I want nothing more than to keep all the balls in the air! Not a huge request, right? wink, wink I have many thoughts about accommodating this incredible head of steam my dyeing has built over the last six to nine months. I would very much like to move away from Etsy (shhh, I'm still experimenting with this one) in order to gain selling flexibility of my own website. Etsy is a fantastic place for those sellers just starting out or intending to stay small, but lacks so many features those of us in this for the long haul really see as basic needs. I will have more to say on the subject of new spaces in the coming months, and I have a destination website in the works. However, I want a launch to be done right, which means testing and developing - thoroughly! Setting a time limit on that would be unwise. The other big piece on my mental docket is a larger studio. I've started hunting for reasonable warehouse spaces, researching the cost of upfitting and working through what might make an ideal location. This one is a big deal for my wholesale customers, as I've had to stop taking on new stores to maintain current wait times. In fact, if you haven't seen my yarn a local store you're used to seeing, that is because I actually had to shed a few stores as wholesale customers. I do wish them all well, but I also wish store owners could bring their best professionalism to dealing with indie dyers. The joy of being in complete control of my own business is choosing my working relationships, and I'm just too busy for drama and irresponsible behavior. Incidental frustrations aside, I do really enjoy working with my wholesale customers and want to keep them up-to-date! All of this is my way of keeping you, my most loyal and appreciated customers, in the loop. It goes without saying, but I wouldn't be on this crazy dyeing roller-coaster without the excellent crafters that use my work in their creations. You're all a wonderful bunch, and I hope you keep on inspiring me to try new things and find new niches. Happy holidays from me, and my family, and I hope you have a wonderful new year!
    15 Sep '13

    Yellow Cab

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    Yellow is turning out to be a tough sell, gradient-wise. Here's a quick comparison of Daffodil (on the left) and Sunshine (on the right, rather neon). I must find some lovely colorwork project for these. Please note Sunshine may not return (if it ever leaves) but Daffodil is here to stay.
    17 Apr '13

    VKL In Review

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    Vogue Knitting Live was my first solo show...words escape me to describe the whirlwind my life was leading up to and during the show. I learned so much and met so many wonderful people, and I think that alone is reason enough to do it again. The amount of yarn I dyed was wildly too much, and thankfully it wasn't the other way around. I'm really looking forward to going to Canby at the end of September for OFFF (cross your fingers and hope I get in!) If you are going to be at Silverton's Pints & Purls at 7 Brides Brewery tomorrow, I'll see you there with a whole lot of Lilt & Pebble Sock!

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