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07 Feb '13

Galanthus KAL - Details

With the beginning of the Galanthus knit-along nearly here, I thought it might be nice to have some details & guidelines in bullets.
  • We're knitting Galanthus by the glorious Star Athena.  I would describe it as a cozy little matching hat & mitt set that is perfect for our Pacific Northwest spring weather. Two colors are used so you can have a low or high contrast set that matches all your outerwear!  Even the name is perfect - Galanthus are snow drops, some of the first little spring bulbs to peep their wee blooms out of the newly thawed earth.
  • Star and I chose to work with Pebble Worsted for this project because we wanted a quick and satisfying way to work with two colors in a multi-step project.  For the KAL, you will need to choose from the pre-order colors available on my Etsy site or two colors from the regular Worsted section, although please note that if you do the latter you will need to convo me so we can arrange for you to buy the pattern as well.
  • This KAL will last from February 15th to May 31st, 2013.
  • All kits include 2 to 3 skeins of yarn, the pattern, and a coupon code good for your next purchase from Black Trillium Fibres' Etsy shop.
  • The pattern is designed so that your main color choice on the hat (or mitts, whichever you start first) is the contrast color for the second piece(s).  If you would prefer to have the main color stay the same throughout you will need to choose the 3 skein option and leave me a note with which color is your MC.
  • The pattern has 3 sizes.
  • The pattern includes charts as well as written instructions, and at no point are you working with two colors in the same row (stranded knitting).
  • A Ravelry chat thread has been initiated so you can post pictures of your cast-on, progress and finished wearables.  See here.
I'm very happy to be working with Star again, as I'm sure I've said before.  I really enjoy her innately creative use of simple textures to give a pattern visual as well as knitterly interest.  As always, please feel free to email me at blacktrillium [at] popculturezoo [dot] com if you have any more questions.
22 Jan '13

Galanthus KAL - Choices, Choices!

Galanthus kits are ready for pre-order for my Spring knitalong, if you are so inclined. I've chosen some high & low contrast combinations, but you are still free to peruse my Pinterest page and select two colors of your own. [nggallery id="12"] The listings are also up on Etsy, and since I wasn't able to fit a picture of the pattern in here's a reminder, shown in the Saltwater & Peapod combination:
16 Jan '13

Spring KAL - Sneak Peek

Here's a quick look at the pattern our glorious Star Athena has cooked up for the next Black Trillium Fibres KAL! I'm super excited to be doing a pattern designed especially for my yarns, and I'm sure it will be a huge treat to come up with color kits for you all to choose from. Of course, first and foremost will be the colors Star chose: Peapod & Saltwater. So, so Pacific Northwest! Take a closer look at the matching mitts and tell me they aren't the sweetest things ever: If you'd like to get on the list to do a pre-order for the kit & pattern, send me your email address at blacktrillium [at] popculturezoo [dot] com.
09 Mar '12

Laurelhurst, and Thoughts On 2 Colors

I am still getting the knack for my lightbox. I have some umbrella lights on order that I wish to pete would ship already, because I think they'll help me with those last few shadows and color correction. Photographic styling issues aside, I'm pleased with the way the Bison Sock yarn is turning out. I have had lots of interest in the yarn itself, so I'm curious to see how it feels to people once they've knit it up. My own Bison Sock test knit in Heliotrope is ready for a rinse and then wearing. I didn't do anything more than a boring 64 stitch vanilla sock with a long cuff and leg to see what I could get from a single hank. I put in a few eyelets at the top, but decided speed was more interesting than pattern. The finished sock is soft with a sturdy feel to it that I think will be lovely to wear long-term. I'm very impressed with the plying structure - 6 very skinny ones - and I think I may use this yarn as a template when I get around to asking a mill to reformulate and customize Trinity for me. Sock knitting has ahold of me again, and I feel a tad guilty. I've had such little time to knit in the last six months that having all of these finished socks to show off seems luxurious and a bit sinful. I went straight from testing Bison Sock to knitting Star Athena's March installment of Stumptown Knits, Laurelhurst. It isn't just that Star's patterns are fabulous, or that she's a dear friend and fellow Portlander, or that she named this latest pattern after a park my elder son has a myriad of good memories from, or that I want to support designers that feature my yarns in their patterns. It's all of these things that finally made me realize I was shirking responsibility quite a lot and so I signed up for the pattern club for the second year in a row. What sealed the deal, dear knitters, was the fact that these socks are knit using two colors of yarn but without making you hold two colors at once very often. Pattern printed, I dug up two skeins of Caper Sock from String Theory (in Mt. Hood and an unknown purple) and got to work. The thing that nags at me when I'm in the sun room winding yarn to be sold is that my stash sits there, day after day, unused. All sealed up in bags inside bins to ensure a pest-free zone for ALL the yarn, the lovely colors wait for some attention. I worship good color. If you peruse my stash, you might notice most of my sock yarn is done by hand-dyers. But truthfully, I will never manage to knit all that fabulous color! Unless... When I dug around my prodigious collection of STR, mostly I found things with green or pink, or both. Finding contrasting yarns was tough. When I pulled out Quinault Canopy and Rhodonite, I was pretty sure they would look awful together. Lo and behold, my sense of contrasting yarns was wrong. Oh wait, that's what happens to me every time I choose two-color projects...maybe it needs to be my new rule. If you're feeling the need to do some 2-color socks (like Laurelhurst, or Material Progress, Cool Beans, Jongleurs, Dark Isle, or any of the other numerous lovlies available) here are some of my new Etsy listings in Pebble Sock: [nggallery id="5"]