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13 Oct '11


Who wouldn't want to dye (or knit!) a sock yarn with cashmere in it? I added Trinity (80/10/10 SW Merino/Cashmere/Nylon, 380 yards per 100 grams) to the lineup a while ago, and with each subsequent order the mill has been later and later to deliver the goods. I know there are supply issues affecting not just cashmere but good-quality superwash Merino, but I'd be barmy if I wanted to wait four months for 100 skeins of yarn to show up. Time to find a new supplier. After some investigation, I think I've found a suitable replacement (pictured above in several of my most popular colors). Two things really charm me about the new base yarn - its yardage, and its source. Firstly, the yardage: a nice, healthy 438 yards per 100 grams. That beats out the old base by enough to make men's socks feasible from one skein instead of two. Secondly, the source: right here in the Pacific Northwest, no more than a day's UPS drive away from my quaint little mountain. I am inclined to prefer keeping my hard-earned dollars here in the local economy, and I won't sneeze at quick shipping either. It may be time to knit Christmas gifts, but I'm on a bit of a selfish knitting binge again. Another new yarn in testing (SW Merino/Cashmere/Silk) turned into a color and technique tester, and viola(t) a sweater in progress. I cast on a simple raglan sleeve top-down after doing the briefest of gauge swatches, and at the rate this baby is going I'll be working on this sweater well into next spring. I did find the cutest buttons in history to go with. The shape of the sweater is a little different. I intended for the front to overlap by quite a lot so would also drape in waves when left open. I have another color to do a two-row stripe in a gingery roan color that I'll be able to start now that the sleeve stitches are on holders. I'm loving the colors and the new yarn, but I don't see it being a long-term offering as it comes from the same mill as Trinity. I wish the silk content was a little more obvious, but the sheen just isn't there like it is in Lilt. That's why we're testing, though, right?