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19 May '15

Gallery of Shawls

Precipice Shawl by Marnie MacLean

Sample crocheted by the awesome Jeanette.  She used two Plum Lilt Gradients, if you'd like to read her notes here.

Tanglement by Karen Whooley

Again, crafted by Jeanette, who keeps excellent notes.  Using one Pebble Sock Gradient yarn kit in Spice.

Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief, a free pattern on Ravelry, which I knit for myself for fun because I wanted a quick and satisfying knit.  It took me four days, even though I added an additional repeat to make it more of a shawl than a kerchief, and I bound off with a cast on 2/bind off 4 picot edging.  I used some of my Wollmeise stash so I can feel less like a hoarder.

Delft Cladonia, which I'm gifting to my elder son's teacher, also only took me four days to knit.  It required one skein of Luminence, and 1 and a 1/4 skeins of Natural in my own Sublime DK.  I get frequent requests for this yarn to be put up on blacktrilliumfibres.com, but we're so limited by time right now that I haven't gotten it wedged into the dyeing queue yet.  There is an upcoming pattern this fall that I'm very excited about, so I'll have to get some good colors sorted before then.

DK weight shawls are making me pretty happy at the moment, because they're so fast.  I suppose now I better get back to real work, like dyeing or something. Ta!

04 Dec '14

Moire Cowl, Q1 2015 Exclusive KAL

Time again for a new exclusive knit-along! Our pattern for the first quarter of 2015 is called Moire, and it is a brioche cowl designed by the lovely Melissa Goodale of Stick Chick Knits.  We will be knitting this together from January 1st of 2015 to March 31st, 2015.  Kits are available in the following two ways:

  1. Patterns and a select number of colors are available together automatically in the primary Moire product listing.  When you order one of these kits, you will be getting a paper copy of the pattern as well as one 165 gram gradient yarn kit in Pebble Sock.
  2. If you do not see the color you want to knit available on the primary page, chose from our regularly listed Pebble Sock Gradients and then choose one quantity from the Moire Pattern Add-on page.  Just remember, we aren't shipping the patterns alone, you must order yarn with them.

We have already started the Ravelry thread where we can talk about our projects, share cast on and finishing photos, chat with others knitting along and ask questions.  New this time around, and going forward for future KAL's, are the prizes we're offering to finishers.  Melissa has kindly offered to send anyone who posts cast on and finished cowl photos by the allotted times (Jan 31 and March 31, respectively) an e-pattern design of hers of their choice.  I'm offering one skein of Wollmeise and two Pebble Sock Gradients up as prizes as well, one for each of three randomly selected finishers.

So come knit with us!  Brioche stitch is one of those things I've always meant to learn how to knit, am I'm really excited to learn how using a gradient.  The columnar effect of combining two colors is going to make this another great winter/early spring knitter wearable!

All photos courtesy Melissa Goodale.

08 Oct '14

Gradient Color Comparison v 1.1

If you recall from this post, I was sharing some new comparison photos of various gradient colors.  Today I want to show you these:

L-R: Pease, Mint, Edelweiss

L-R: Ivy, Edelweiss, Shire

L-R: Kir, Plum, Lavender

L-R: Zinc, Flutter, Lavender

And last, but not least:

L-R: Crater, Zinc, Smoke

As before, all of these colors are available here.

I'm having fun playing with all the colors mingled, so please share which ones you'd like to see compared!  Twitter, Facebook, or comment here.

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