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10 Apr '14

Now Available: Iris Electra

Our first quarter pattern, Iris Electra, is finally available for purchase separate from the knit-along kits. This project is knit flat using 250 grams of a fingering weight yarn. Though the pattern calls for 10 - 25g skeins that come as part of my Spectrum Gradient kits, this convertible scarf could also be knit using 2 regular gradient kits in either the same or contrasting colors. If you'd really like to mix it up and use yarn leftovers from your stash, you'll need approximately 100 yards each of 10 colors. You will also need 9 - 3/8" buttons, a US 3 circular needle, a very small crochet hook (.85mm to 1.0mm), and 600 - 6/0 beads to complete the project as it is written. Enjoy!
12 Mar '14

BMC and Sunstruck

With just enough time to get the thing blocked and tagged for my booth at Vogue Knitting Live (#221, come see me!), my Betty Mouat Cowl is finished! In case you have a yen to do the same, here are the details of what I knit: Once I got the hang of purling 15 stitches together at once, the knitting went gloriously fast.  Kitchenering the two finished pieces together was an entirely new skill for me as well, but was also surprisingly easy.  I would give one caveat to the finishing: do your grafting when there aren't any distractions or noise, because paying attention is essential. Sunstruck is also finished and ready to go to VKL. I used 1 skein each of Surf 1, 2, 3 from the Whimsical Solids series as well as 1 skein of Hedwig for the border, all in Lilt Sock. I haven't weighed what was left, but I have at least half a skein of Hedwig left as well as a good chunk of Surf 3. I went up a needle size, which may have been a mistake. The shawl is lovely and large, but my short row pickup is totally visible in each section. I would happily knit this pattern again, though, and just about anything else Laura Aylor publishes. I feel a strong affection for designers that put a lot of work into clarity and description, and Laura's patterns very well-explained. I'll have quite a few copies of the Sunstruck pattern with me along with the yarn this weekend. Just FYI, I'm going to shut down my Etsy shop tonight or tomorrow, depending on when I have a moment. If there's something you really want, get it now because it may not come back home again from the show. I should be ready to open back up again mid-next-week. Happy knitting!
26 Feb '14

New Pattern: Ombre Baby Blanket

Having a new yarn and whole new series of colors pretty much required I design something to show them both off. I'll try my hand at sweater design down the road, but to start us out I've put together a baby blanket that I think will be a great way to make use of the full sized gradient kits as well as the semi-solids. Ombre Baby Blanket To knit this blanket, you'll need a mid-length 4.0mm circular needle and six skeins of my Black Trillium Fibres Sublime in six different shades of the Whimsical Solids. You'll need to be familiar with following a written pattern using abbreviations outlined in the notes. This is a relatively easy knit, great for an experienced beginner. The blanket in the above pictures is worked up in two Whimsy colors, Buckthorne and Snapdragon. One skein of each of 3 shades was used. I have a ton of ideas for great color combinations besides the one I used in the sample. I'll try to put together a few different combos here so you can get the idea. Wisteria and Truffle Sprout and Rosewater Surf and Flint Or, one shade each of six colors. True Rainbow - Cardinal 3, Buckthorne 3, Pineapple 3, Sprout 3, Pacific 3 and Wisteria 3. With 36 different colors in the Whimsical Solids to choose from, I'm sure we can all come up with some really spectacular ideas. You can put together your own choices by selecting from the dyed to order listings on Etsy. If you'd rather try with a regular Gradient kit, send me an email with your color preference and we'll get a custom order in the queue. I think a full-sized gradient kit would look great with an undyed skein as a sixth color.
24 Feb '14

New Pattern: Sweet Bea

Introducing my latest knitting pattern, Sweet Bea. This hat features a one-row-per-color stripe using Black Trillium Fibres Pebble Worsted and has several textural features including a lattice stitch brim, slipped stitch highlights and a cute (and optional) top knot. The mild conical shape adds a light-hearted touch. The versatile nature of this hat allows for lots of color experimentation, from the very bright combined with the very dark to similar colors and shades. The pattern has instructions for four sizes and gives clear written instructions for both the brim texture and the alternating colors and slipped stitches in the main portion of the hat. This is a relatively easy pattern, you'll need to be familiar with I-cord, knitting, purling, reducing and slipping stitches.
18 Feb '13

Concentric v 2.0

Posted by 69943844 in Black Trillium, Patterns
Scroll is up, but while we were at the park Steff & I also took some new pics of Concentric! Abstract Fibers and Louet - boy that was back in the day! I revamped the cast on and set up so the pattern lost that little extra bit at the top that just wouldn't block out. I also think the pattern is now much easier to read. I learned a ton from publishing this pattern, and I'm happy to think I finally have a wide selection of my own exclusive yarns to keep trying new things like this! Thank you a ton Steff, you are such a helpful model! Maricia & Fire Opal on Pebble Sock

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