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16 Jun '14

Black Sheep Gathering 2014

I'm popping in for a quick post about the show I'll be at this weekend: Black Sheep Gathering Lane County Fairgrounds Eugene, Oregon Marketplace hours: Friday, June 21, 9AM to 6PM Sat, June 22, 9AM to 5:30PM Sunday, June 23, 9AM to 4PM I'm bringing Spectrum Gradients in Pebble Sock, regular Gradients in Lilt Sock (and a few in Pebble Sock, very limited color selection), as well as my regular line-up of yarn bases in a select quantity of colors. I'll be in the first barn, booth #9, if you want to come by and say hi!
25 Feb '14

Rose City Yarn Crawl 2014

Our local yarn crawl, known briefly as the RCYC, begins this Wednesday evening with a kick-off party at the Windows Skyroom of the downtown Red Lion. For some of us, Wednesday is still a school night so I won't be able to trek all the way into town for The Yarn Ball, but I will be going to knit night at my local shop to accompany the rather large trunk show we've been putting together. You'll find me at The Knitting Bee from about 6:30pm to 8:30pm, where you'll also find quite a lot of Lilt Sock in my new Whimsical Solids and some accompanying multicolors. I'm also taking over a small selection of Pebble Sock in various colors and my new Sublime DK in a small selection of Whimsical Solids. My trunk show at The Bee also includes quite a few skeins of their signature color, Waggle Dance. The whole show will be running the length of the RCYC, which ends Sunday, March 2nd. I will be in attendance again with the trunk show for most of Saturday, so I hope to see a few of you locals then. Here's a list of my other stores taking part in the RCYC and their Black Trillium yarns: For Yarn's Sake has Lilt Sock. Happy Knits has Merilon Sock and Pebble Worsted. Black Sheep Orenco has Pebble Sock, Merilon Sock and what is left of my Pebble Silk Sock. Wool'n'Wares has Lilt Sock as well as Merilon Sock. I'm excited to see how many folks are wearing their Mystery Gear during the crawl! Quite a few knitters chose to use Lilt Sock for Michele Bernstein's shawl pattern, and I've been trying to keep track of some of the finished ones in a special thread in my Ravlery group. The thread only has a fraction of the shawls I've seen in person, so if you know someone with a finished one in Black Trillium Yarns send them my way! Hopefully I can put together a post-event round-up with photos an such before I go head-long into Vogue Knitting Live prep. TTFN!
16 Nov '12

Where the Picture Should Be

Last night, under cover of darkness I delivered the 45 Degrees North restock & relaunch to Twisted. Four big boxes of fingering in all 30 colors and worsted in 16 select colors were dropped off, thus relinquishing my schedule to less grueling tasks. And did I get a picture or two? You bet.... Or not. As is the case with most really large projects (insert reference to sixty kilos of laceweight here) I cannot wait to see the back end of them by the time we get to the dyed-and-dry phase. I love all the colors and I revel in watching everything come out bright and shiny. I also really love the feeling of relief at getting through a task that takes all my time and energy for weeks on end. I'm a progress person, what can I say? So cruise by your local Twisted PDX shoppe (2310 Northeast Broadway Street Portland, OR 97232) or check 'em out online sometime early next week for the latest and greatest solids and semi-solids in Oregon-inspired shades. Cheers!
01 Jun '12

Looking Up!

Last week, when my husband told me the team lead in his company's Portland office had given his notice, we jokingly talked about putting in his name for the position. Working a contract for someone means you're there, but you're not really "there". But what can it hurt to ask? In fact, things went way better than expected and now we get to plan a move back to the city we love and want to call home! I won't bore you with planning details (at least, not in this post) but certain things need updating: 1. The job posting for Production Assistant has been temporarily put on hold and may be reposted once we're settled. 2. Everything (nearly) in the Etsy shop has been marked down to help it move on to new homes in quick and orderly fashion. 3. The shop will be closed from July to early August. If I can keep it open longer and open back up earlier, I will. Yay for us, and Beaverton, here we come!
25 Feb '12

45° North

The last time I spent months working on a single project, I think it was for a graduate-level literary theory class. This time, it's all about yarn! I've been working with Twisted of Portland, Oregon, to create a line of nearly-solid saturated & bright colors using my 100% Merino Sock yarn. I started getting things together before Christmas, dyeing little 10 gram skeins in nearly 50 colors. Shannon & I worked together and picked 25 in a nice, wide palette, saving the other for possible future additions. Dyeing the yarn was a whole different process than I usually use so that 10 skeins could be dyed together, creating dyelots with as little variation as possible between skeins. Of course, this is still hand-dyed yarn, so if you have a big project in mind make sure you buy plenty of yarn and don't hesitate to alternate skeins to minimize color changes. I learned so much doing this project that I feel like I should use some of it on future projects for my own Etsy site, though I have no precise plans at this moment. I'm extremely excited to be able to share this project with all of you, so please take a sec to cruise on over to Twisted's website and peruse the colors. Now to think hard about my Spring 2012 colors list...