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16 Jul '14

Gradient Restock Run-down

The gradient yarns sort of ran out all at once about a month and a half ago, and though I didn't see it coming I'm certainly not going to complain. Many of you have been asking when things will be coming back, especially the Pebble Sock Gradients. Today, I feel confident in saying that over the next three or four weeks the biggest project we'll be tending to in the Black Trillium studio will be the dyeing and winding of Pebble Sock Gradient Yarns. (Well, dyeing, winding, twisting, bagging & tagging, but who's counting steps.) 7 boxes [gigantic] of Pebble Sock were delivered today after running the gamut through international shipping and clearing customs. Right now, you can get quite a few Lilt Gradient Yarns. I know they're a little different than the Pebble Sock Gradient Yarns, but only in ways that are for the better. The added silk and additional plies in Lilt Sock make a really smooth, drapey handknit. Also, Lilt has more yardage than Pebble, so you get more mileage out of a single package of gradient yarn. If, down the road, you have a question about particular colors and when they'll be restocked, keep these things in mind:
  • My main shop announcement page will have current information about what colors are dyed and when they will become available.  You have to click "read more" right there at the top of my Etsy shop, under my logo.
  • All of my gradient colors are repeatable.  I craft them to be so, and I test the formulas before dyeing a gradient so we won't have to worry about lots of extra photography when it's time to restock the colors.  If you'd care to browse all the colors at once, check out my Pinterest Gradient Yarn page.
Coming July 18 or 19: Lilt Sock Gradient Yarn in Trifle, Kir, Bubblegum and Vapor. Coming July 21: Pebble Sock Gradient Yarn in Grasshopper, and getting started on the turquoise/teal colors (Tidewater, Xenon, Naiad, Ice).
13 Mar '14

Vogue Knitting Live Seattle 2014*

Here are the hours and location for this weekend's Vogue Knitting Live: Meydenbauer Center 11100 NE 6th St, Bellevue, WA 98004 I'll be in booth #221 again this year. Here are the marketplace hours: Friday, March 14th - 5:30pm to 8:30pm Saturday, March 15th - 10:00am to 7:00pm Sunday, March 16th - 10:00am to 4:00pm All the gradient kits in Pebble Sock and Lilt Sock are going, but be warned that some of the colors are down to 1 or 2 sets. Friday will be a madhouse, but I hope we'll be able to help everyone find what they really want. I'm also taking quite a bit of Lilt Sock in my regular multis as well as all the shades of Whimsical Solids. Some complementary Pebble Sock and Sublime will also be making an appearance as well as patterns from the likes of Star Athena, Stick Chick Knits, Irish Girlie Knits, Laura Aylor, Brooklyn Tweed, to name just a few. I will be accepting credit card payments as well as cash, but no personal checks. Don't forget, King County has a mandatory 9.5% sales tax. I hope to see lots of you there! I'll be trying to tweet occasionally with the hashtag #vklive, if you care to see pictures, etc. *Okay, if you're from Seattle (like me) you know that Meydenbauer Center is NOT in Seattle. But Vogue Knitting Live Bellevue just isn't as catchy, right? It sounds like an event at a Gotham-esque mental institution. My two cents.
12 Mar '14

BMC and Sunstruck

With just enough time to get the thing blocked and tagged for my booth at Vogue Knitting Live (#221, come see me!), my Betty Mouat Cowl is finished! In case you have a yen to do the same, here are the details of what I knit: Once I got the hang of purling 15 stitches together at once, the knitting went gloriously fast.  Kitchenering the two finished pieces together was an entirely new skill for me as well, but was also surprisingly easy.  I would give one caveat to the finishing: do your grafting when there aren't any distractions or noise, because paying attention is essential. Sunstruck is also finished and ready to go to VKL. I used 1 skein each of Surf 1, 2, 3 from the Whimsical Solids series as well as 1 skein of Hedwig for the border, all in Lilt Sock. I haven't weighed what was left, but I have at least half a skein of Hedwig left as well as a good chunk of Surf 3. I went up a needle size, which may have been a mistake. The shawl is lovely and large, but my short row pickup is totally visible in each section. I would happily knit this pattern again, though, and just about anything else Laura Aylor publishes. I feel a strong affection for designers that put a lot of work into clarity and description, and Laura's patterns very well-explained. I'll have quite a few copies of the Sunstruck pattern with me along with the yarn this weekend. Just FYI, I'm going to shut down my Etsy shop tonight or tomorrow, depending on when I have a moment. If there's something you really want, get it now because it may not come back home again from the show. I should be ready to open back up again mid-next-week. Happy knitting!
05 Mar '14

RCYC 2014 Roundup

RCYC was manic this year, on both a personal and professional level. Getting ready for these things is always a bit crazy, trying to cover all your bases without knowing exactly what will end up happening. I took a huge amount of yarn over to The Knitting Bee on the day before the crawl started, and when I went back to pick it up on the following Tuesday it seems knitters didn't plan to let me take anything home. I saw many Rosaria and Rosaline. I finally met both designers in person on Saturday, and have interesting plans in the works with each of them for future Black Trillium Fibres projects. Our little neighborhood is chock full'o talented yarnies, IMO, and I love that I can look locally for so many willing designers! I made a point of wearing my handknit skirts this weekend. I wasn't the only one! Also in the shot is Castanets by Stick Chick Knits, in case you're in need of another beautiful shawl pattern. I think Swirl Skirt will have to be my next one, maybe in the Noro Silk Garden I have in my stash. I wonder what I should use for a contrast color? Now that RCYC 2014 is wrapped up, it is time to start thinking about VKL for real. I'll be in booth 221 again this year, and I'm planning to bring the whole complement of Gradient Kit colors in Pebble Sock, as well as quite a few in Lilt Sock. There will be loads of 100g skeins of various colors as well, so if there's a particular color and/or weight you want, drop me a line at blacktrillium [at] popculturezoo [dot] com.
21 Feb '14

Waggle Dance

I've consistently had a lot of fun and some very good luck working with individual brick and mortar stores to create special colors just for their customers. The Knitting Bee, which is also my original "knit night" shop, is no exception. I've known Jami, the owner, for longer than I've been a dyer, and so I'm especially happy to have my yarns in her wonderful shop. For this year's Rose City Yarn Crawl, we thought we'd put together a new and different speckle paint in the spirit of Hedwig and our gorgeous Pacific Northwest spring. Named "Waggle Dance" by Jami, this colorway includes grassy green, golden honey yellow, royal blue and bright fuchsia pink. We worked together to pair Waggle Dance with several colors for Michele Berstein's Mystery KAL Shawl and decided on Peapod, Heather, Idris and Butterbeer, but it was hard to narrow down to just those four! If you'd like to see Waggle Dance in person and you're here in Portland, please do come by and see it (and me!) at the upcoming trunk show Jami and I have planned for the RCYC. I'll have lots of Lilt Sock, including quite a lot of Waggle Dance, as well as some Pebble Sock and my new yarn, Sublime. I'll be at the Bee for Knit Night on Wednesday February 26 - although it sounds like most everyone is headed to the RCYC Yarn Ball. I will also be at the Bee Saturday March 1 for a fair amount of the morning and afternoon.