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05 Oct '16

Party On All The Needles

Posted by Melanie Dilworth in Black Trillium, hand dyed yarn, knitting, new colors

In recent years, especially as I design more and concentrate a lot of my knitting time on shop samples, I have gotten really bad at keeping up my personal Ravelry project page.  This fall, I decided to make an effort to knit more for myself and my family so that I can revisit why knitting was fun enough for me to want to start a knitting-yarn focused business.  I've been churning out wee hats, stash busting cowls, and scrap yarn socks.

Just before fall weather hit here in Oregon (with all the rain and gloom that usually entails) I went on a weaving-in-ends spree that was a bit overdue.  Included in that pile was a long-finished work project in our Merino & Silk single fingering weight called Prime.  This shawl is another fun little piece from Joji Locatelli called Party on My Needles, and I'm sure this pattern is familiar to most of you.  I knit mine with our newest speckle, Dia de los Muertos, and leftovers from Sunlit Glass samples in Robin's Egg & Graphene.

If you follow our business Instagram account (or Twitter) you can see some of the other things I've been working away on.  I'm not strictly business when it comes to IG, sharing pics of our silly family dog and my kiddos, as well as some snaps of our home garden adventures and little trips we take on the weekends.  I love how visual IG is and how great it is that you can upload directly from there to your Rav profile!  Recently I've been arranging gradient yarn colors by color family or thematically just for fun.

So what gets in your fall knitting pile? Feel free to leave comments below or share in our Ravelry group!

19 Sep '16

Gradient Yarn: New Books!

Gradient yarn has been popular with crafters for a number of years, but in the last few months it also feels like we've hit a happy peak with designers' fabulous new offerings.  Here are just a few of the designers we think you should check out when you're looking for gradient yarn pattern ideas:

Mad Colour by TinCanKnits contains at least 4 patterns - Prism, Undertone, Bounce & Polygon - that I think would be excellent specifically in our Sublime Gradient yarn.  I'm personally casting on Undertone in Lavender Gradient and Dream this week, and I'm planning to use my leftovers to make a matching Rikke hat.  In addition, there are two more patterns in this collection that aren't gauge specific that would work with any of our gradients - Awash & Marley.

Another book we've talked a lot about recently is Knitting with Rainbows by Carol Feller of Stolen Stitches.  Two designs - Anglesea & Fenn's Quay - were designed especially with our yarns.  My surprise in receiving my copy of the book is that quite a number of the book's swatches are also done in our Lilt Gradient in Pine.  The printed copy of this book has a rich quality to it that makes it a joy just to turn pages and drink in the colors.  I do believe every pattern in this book could be made using our yarns!

Aquarelle by Heather Zoppetti is a 6-pattern electronic collection with 4 available and 2 forthcoming pieces.  Thus far, all the patterns have been designed with fingering weight yarns, and so would be great with either our Pebble Sock or Lilt Sock Gradients.  My personal favorite and first on our list of samples to make is Murex, because we can feature one of our gradients alongside our regular skeins of Pebble Sock.

With all of these books, if the pattern does not call for our yarn it will pay off in the long run to read the entire pattern through, consider your yardage, and make a plan for where to change skeins.  This is pretty much your first step for any pattern anyway, but it never hurts to plan ahead.

Thank you so much for joining at the beginning of another week for our Gradient Yarn Ideas posts.  We hope you're enjoying the change of season where-ever you are and have a great week!

29 Aug '16

Knit With Rainbows? We're In!

First things first, so an not to bury the lead: from August 29th to September 2nd, get 20% off your whole purchase from blacktrilliumfibres.com with discount code "wool".  Because the seasons are changing, which means lots of new patterns and cooler weather for crafting.  Bring on the end of summer!

Now let's look at something really fabulous to do with all that yarn!


Anglesea by Carol Feller
Photo courtesy Joseph Feller
Carol Feller, sweet genius that she is, has published an entire book using gradient yarnsKnitting With Rainbows will have eleven patterns, two of which were designed with our Lilt and Pebble Sock Gradients, and is available for pre-order right nowAnglesea (above) described in the designer's own words:
This shawl is worked from the top down in a wide crescent shape. Work begins with a biased textured pattern that transitions into a lace pattern. The gradient yarns in the sample move smoothly from one colour to the next so the shawl feels like a continuous colour gradient. 
Anglesea, photo courtesy Joseph Feller
What I love most about this design is the straight-forward use of the gradient yarn.  Shown in a Shire Pebble Sock gradient the pattern moves from one shade to the next without pretext.  With our gradients you're meant to see the color changes, especially in the more color-saturated kits.  With this shawl you're likely to have a fair amount left over in the first two shades.  You could easily pair this pattern with something else like Aranami and two kits of one color to use up every yard of your favorite gradient color.
Fenn's Quay by Carol Feller
Photo courtesy Joseph Feller
Our second appearance in Carol's book is Fenn's Quay, a lovely chevron cowl meant to be worn both long or looped in a cozy double.  Shown here in a Pine Lilt Gradient, I am in love with the light to dark shades of green against the model's black tank.  As the darkest shades blend in, the lightest shades create shape and highlight stitch textures and definition.
Take a minute to stock up this week - do NOT forget to add "WOOL" to the discount code box!!! -  (we'll be adding yarns where and when we can during the sale), and then go check out the pre-order for Carol's book.
Thank you for reading another Monday Gradient Yarn idea post! Have a great week!
15 Aug '16

Gradient Yarn: Mystic Cabin

I came across Anna Dalvi's patterns when she published Mystic Ocean in 2014.  At the time, not many designers were using gradient yarn specifically, and I loved the open lace work of her Mystic Ocean shawl.  I got in touch, we collaborated, and Anna released Mystic Cabin the following year as a mystery knit-along.

Mystic Cabin is perfect for either a Pebble Sock or Lilt Sock gradient.  Ann's sample is shown here in a Scotch Pebble Sock gradient kit.  What I love about this pattern is that it is knit in the log cabin style, where you knit along one direction in garter stitch, then pick up along the purl bumps of the garter ridges and knit off in another direction.  As you can see in the picture, it allows for more varied use of the gradient yarn shades.

I'd highly recommend either of the Mystic patterns to go with our yarns, especially if you're a lace or shawl knitter.  Anna's patterns are nice and clear, with both charted and written instructions.  Many of her other designs would also be easily converted to use gradient yarns, if you're so inclined.

Thanks for reading another quick installment in our Monday Gradient Yarn idea series!  Have a great week!

08 Aug '16

Gradient Yarn: Spectral Cowl

This week's Gradient Yarn idea is another fantastic pattern from Debbi Stone under her Stitches of My Life Designs label.  Spectral is a cowl that lends itself well to either a Pebble Sock or Lilt Sock gradient.  Shown here in Indigo Pebble Sock, this cowl is soft and flexible but substantial.  With Debbi's signature "potato chip knitting" stitch patterns, you really have to try to put this work-in-progress down.
Originally published in 2013, this pattern has been getting a lot of new attention this year whenever we take it to shows.  As more and more dyers attempt their own version of gradients and knitters' consciousness open to the possibilities, fantastic designers like Debbi with proven designs are a perfect point of accessibility.  We encourage everybody, experienced and new, to check out Spectral for a highly wearable spring and fall knit piece.
Thank you for taking a look at yet another wonderful gradient yarn idea with us this Monday.  We love sharing these designs and highlighting our favorite designers this way, and we hope you're enjoying our little series.  To see them all, click here.
Have a great week!

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