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15 Oct '13

Spectrum Kits

As promised very quietly yesterday on Twitter: What you see is 250 grams of yarn in one kit, 10 colors that transition as fluidly as possible from one to the next. After working on this idea for a month, I'm so pleased at the way the first ones turned out that I can't wait to put more combinations together! The way I've envisioned these kits, several options are possible. This is probably a very good thing in view of the fact that at least twice a week I get special requests for extra yardage of particular shades of the regular gradients. First, there will be two size options once we're really up and going with quantities of these kits. There will be a "Macarons" kit of 10 - 10 gram skeins for 100 grams total, and "Fat Quarters" kit 10 - 25 gram skeins (like the ones pictured here). The 100g kit will be 380 yards, and the 250g kit will be a whopping 950 yards. The second variable, which I'm super tickled about since I fell like the Dichormatic Gradient failed out of the box, is the range of color possible with the Spectrum formula. For non-dyers, this may be a bit of Greek, but in order for colors to be repeatable the concentration of dye stocks is the most essential factor. For regular repeatables I mix all my stocks and then layer in the dyepot as well as premix custom shades. For Gradients, you add a step: step 1, basic dyestocks, get mixed in step 2, premixed gradient colors (i.e. Shire, Ice, Rose), and then step 3, dividing the gradient premix into portions specific to each shade within the gradient kit. Dyeing is very much a science the way that I do it, and I know it frustrates people when I can't just whip up another shade or a single skein of one of the gradient shades, but I'm here to tell you that specific formulas are a very good thing despite their lack of flexibility. The Spectrum Gradients are a very much simplified process, skipping several steps and going straight to the dyepot. Since I'm already ultra-technical when I mix dyestocks, I essentially have my repeatables all ready to go. I haven't sketched out a complete picture of all the spectrums I may wind up doing, but I plan to have a good range across the color wheel. You've seen my first rainbow already, but wait until you see the red/orange that's been dyed up! The undiluted artistic side of me sees these kits and can't help but think of a giant box of brand new oil pastels. Okay, that's enough dyeing gibberish for one post. I hope you get as excited about the Spectrum kits as I am, because my next knit-along (beginning January 2014) will be featuring one of my own designs in the Rainbow Spectrum Gradient. My email is blacktrillium [at] popculturezoo [dot] com if you feel like you need to hear more when the time is right.
22 Apr '13


Gradient kits were the thing I wish I'd brought more of to VKL Seattle, so I have very few left to relist on my Etsy site. Of course, I take this as an invitation to finish experimenting with some of the other colors I haven't gotten to yet as well as dye more of the really popular colors. In the meantime, I've taken some of the Pebble Sock left from VKL and made some fun (IMHO) kits, available now:
25 Sep '12

Fall KAL Update - Turnagain

Every year I'm relieved to be able to start wearing my woolen hand-knits again. Being back in the Willamette valley, that time of year comes a tad bit later that up in the Cascade Foothills outside Seattle. Knitting season is definitely back, though, and I want to celebrate this lovely fall with a special knit-along. Brooklyn Tweed’s latest in-house collection has the most spectacular two-sided cowl, called Turnagain. Knit in the round and then grafted closed, this pattern is ideal for sock yarns that are drapey and lovely next to the skin. I’m casting on this week to test out the pattern, and I’ll be posting photos on my blog as I go. Details for the knit-along are as follows:
  • Kits will be available via my Etsy site.
  • You can choose six colors (see here for an alphabetical list and here for a list grouped by color) and I’ll wind the kit for you.
  • Or – you can choose from one of the kits I put together.
  • Kits will include six colors, 1 full skein – color C, 1 - 3/4 skein – color D, 2 - 1/2 skeins – colors A & F, 2 – 1/4 skeins – colors B & E, a print copy of the pattern, and one little surprise.
  • Merilon Sock kits will be $76 plus shipping, Pebble Sock kits will be $79 plus shipping. There is a really limited amount of Lilt hanging around, so if you’d like your kit in Merino/Silk, please email me ASAP.
  • Deadline for kit orders: October 16th continental US, October 6th international.
Guidelines: We’ll be knitting from November 1st to January 31st, so you’ll have plenty of time to finish your cowl. I originally suggested October 1st, but I want everyone to have time to get the kits they want. Everyone who finishes within the KAL time frame will be entered to win a special prize bag! To be eligible to win the prize, you must show us a photo of your finished cowl knit from Black Trillium Fibre Studio yarns. Of course, there will be a chat thread in my Ravelry group to show off your cast-on’s, FO’s, and throw out pattern questions. Any questions, orders for kits, and photos of your finished cowl can be emailed to me at blacktrillium [at] popculturezoo [dot] com. Thanks!
02 Apr '12

Monday Update: Fat Quarters

After last week's winding adventure, in which we created a whole mountain of 25g skeins for the sole purpose of putting together a collection of colors for my new Spring/Summer 2012 booklet, there were a ton of fat quarter kits to be made. We laid the whole thing out on the floor and tried to pick things that went well together and/or contrasted nicely...