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22 Oct '13

Fiar Finish Photos

While I'm off to check the definition of alliteration to see if "f" and "ph" count together, you can instead peruse a couple shots of my finished Smoke Fiar. If you're wondering how to get your own Gradient, check here and convo me if you don't see your color. I'm excited to wear this lovely thing. It feels light as air and is tall enough to wear as a head/neck covering if there's a bit of a rain sprinkle. Now if only the Oregon weather would oblige and bring back our typical fall cloud cover! My shorts are getting a bit more use and my woolen accessories have stayed packed away, so I'm not complaining even though I'm quite ready for the change-over. Also, a preview of a pattern I'm all but ready to release:
21 Oct '13

Fall Happenings

If you're going to KnitFit in a few weeks, you really should stop by the Dancing Sheep and Stick Chick Knits booth to see the kit the three of us put together. Melissa designed with a new (Doctor Who!) color of mine in Lilt Sock, here's a preview she sent me of the pattern last week: [caption id="attachment_2281" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="photo by Mariana Kajlich"][/caption] I'm a little sad it didn't work out for me to be a vendor at KnitFit this year, because Ballard is my old stomping grounds and I'd love to visit kid-free and check out some of my old favorite spots. Family first, though! Having 2 kids in school is a challenge to my free time, rather than the expected reverse, but we're getting the hang of it. I won't be there, but you all can be there in spirit for me and send lots of yarnie love Melissa & Katie's way. Don't forget to look for Castanets kits from Melissa as well - I've been wearing mine around town now that the weather is cooling off and getting loads of lookey-loos. Getting started on my Betty Mouat Cowl is taking longer than expected but I'm working through the last color on my Smoke Fiar and should have the Ivy gradient wound up and ready to cast on by Wednesday.
16 Oct '13

Fiar Progress

I've dyed so many gradients in the last two days that I feel like I could do this routine in my sleep. That's okay, I love the colors and even though some of them really fly I keep wanting to hold one of everything aside so I can knit if for myself. I'm a selfish knitter, what can I say? When I have had a couple minutes here and there to knit, I've been working on my latest edition of Fiar: I made it into the 3rd shade today, and I think that must the point at which the gradience of the whole thing really starts to show because I find myself far more enthusiastic about knitting mid-way than at the beginning. I'm not sure if its obvious, but I'm working the full 20-row repeat and changing colors between the 1st and 2nd garter ridges. I only cast on for 10 repeats so I'll have a much smaller cowl, and it will be a bit tall, which I'm looking forward to. I found myself a really excellent silk/cotton sweater dress (on sale, I love hunting down good deals on great clothes!) in the perfect shade of charcoal today, and I think my latest Smokey Fiar will be the perfect accent.
27 Aug '13

Fall Knit-along: Fiar

For our next Black Trillium Fibres knit-along, I'm excited to be featuring Fiar, an established design by one very talented Irish Girlie Knits. Fiar is a cowl pattern (two size options, I'm all about choices), and the reason we're using an established pattern is that we've added our own twist to Carrie's lovely bias-knit chevrons. Through test-knitting we've found a way to use an entire gradient kit and finish up with the same size cowl as the designer's intended original. Right now, Fiar Kits are on Etsy for pre-order with loads of color choices. I want everyone to get the color they're interested in knitting, so if you don't see your favorite in the drop-down menu please choose "other??", take a gander at my Gradients on Pinterest, then put your preference in the checkout notes. Over the next month I'm going to be dyeing gradients like mad to get ready for the KAL, so we'll be getting started on October 1st. I've already written up the Ravelry Group Thread so while we finish our last few days with Castanets folks can get ramped up for the next project as well. I hope you'll join us for knitting Fiar using one of my gradient kits - I think it will be lots of fun and a perfect fall accessory.
24 Aug '13

Summer Projects

Finished knitting the dreamy Castanets: Added a few beads to the border: Castanets' knitted-on border required a quick-knit chaser: This pattern was published and required my immediate attention: I made something up as I went along in order to use up leftovers: Most recently, I replaced a thick winter shawl that was given to a dear loved-one with Bolting: I started dyeing Gradients on additional base yarns: Hung out with my kiddos on the beach: Now I'm getting ready for fall and another Knit-along: If you want to hear more about the upcoming KAL using Fiar and Gradients, email me at blacktrillium [at] popculturezoo [dot] com.