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02 Jun '14

Where Did the Gradient Yarns Go?

If you’ve had a moment to pop by my shop lately, you’ll notice that most of the gradient yarn colors are not listed. The TTL Mystery Shawl 2014 is knit with a gradient in Fern, and has garnered a fair amount of traffic in the last two weeks. For perspective: two weeks ago, I had all but one of my 46 gradient yarn colors in stock, most in quantities of 3 to 6. As of today, I have only 15 colors left(not counting the few I have in Lilt). Along the way, I redyed and stocked 13 of the most popular colors. It has been a busy couple of weeks, needless to say. Here’s a schedule of what to expect over the next couple months: Lilt Sock is coming back! The mill order should be here within the next two weeks. I will start dyeing as soon as it gets here, but my first aim will be to get ready for Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR from June 20 through 22. Coming back from BSG, I plan to start with stocking the most popular gradient yarn colors in Lilt first: Tidewater, Smoke, Vapor, Amethyst, Naiad, Orchid, Fern, Ice, and so on until I get at least 20 colors listed. Pebble Sock comes back mid-July, which is when I’ll be able to start dyeing more of the regular gradient kits in the 100% Merino base that most everyone has. All the colors will eventually get stocked back out, but it will take some time. As far as special orders, update times, holds, and preorders are concerned: none of these phenomena are things I am comfortable with. They leave too much open to software bungling or individual forgetfulness. I want everyone to get the colors they really want, and that may take patience. Only in the case of ordering exclusive KAL kits or full-sized gradient yarn kits (each color is 100g, and can be any of my yarn substrates) do I ask for preorders. I hope that covers all the questions you might have for the moment. Emailing me with more complex questions is welcome. Blacktrillium @ Popculturezoo . com is my customer service and work email. Thank you!
26 Feb '14

New Pattern: Ombre Baby Blanket

Having a new yarn and whole new series of colors pretty much required I design something to show them both off. I'll try my hand at sweater design down the road, but to start us out I've put together a baby blanket that I think will be a great way to make use of the full sized gradient kits as well as the semi-solids. Ombre Baby Blanket To knit this blanket, you'll need a mid-length 4.0mm circular needle and six skeins of my Black Trillium Fibres Sublime in six different shades of the Whimsical Solids. You'll need to be familiar with following a written pattern using abbreviations outlined in the notes. This is a relatively easy knit, great for an experienced beginner. The blanket in the above pictures is worked up in two Whimsy colors, Buckthorne and Snapdragon. One skein of each of 3 shades was used. I have a ton of ideas for great color combinations besides the one I used in the sample. I'll try to put together a few different combos here so you can get the idea. Wisteria and Truffle Sprout and Rosewater Surf and Flint Or, one shade each of six colors. True Rainbow - Cardinal 3, Buckthorne 3, Pineapple 3, Sprout 3, Pacific 3 and Wisteria 3. With 36 different colors in the Whimsical Solids to choose from, I'm sure we can all come up with some really spectacular ideas. You can put together your own choices by selecting from the dyed to order listings on Etsy. If you'd rather try with a regular Gradient kit, send me an email with your color preference and we'll get a custom order in the queue. I think a full-sized gradient kit would look great with an undyed skein as a sixth color.
24 Feb '14

The Way The Whimsy Works

Okay, now that I've introduced you to the Whimsical Solids I think I need to give more details about how these colors are going to work. Right now, there are 12 different colors in the Whimsical Solid series. For each color, there are three shades: In this case, Wisteria light, medium and dark. Also known as Wisteria 1, Wisteria 2, and Wisteria 3. In a rather obvious breakdown: Wisteria is the color name and the numbers denote which shade. As an expansion of my gradient kits, these watercolor-like semi-solids allow you to put together your own color combinations in the shades and yardage you need for your project. Let's use an adult sized cardigan as an example. Say I wanted to knit a top-down, short-sleeved cardi in Truffle and I wanted there to be three equally-sized blocks of color starting with the lightest shade at the cast-on. But say I want the button band, knit on after the body of the project is finished, to be all the darkest shade. I would need different yardage per shade, depending on which base yarn I'm using. Here's another idea that the Whimsical Solids are perfect for: what if you want to knit a project in two different weights of yarn, but you want them to be the same color? Aside from different content (some silk versus all merino), dyeing the different weights together for a project of one shade and color would yield much closers results than choosing different dye batches in the same shade but different base yarns. I thought I'd be putting up the Whimsical Solids after I got through Vogue Knitting Live, playing by ear according to what does well at my upcoming shows. Silly me! I already have numerous requests for both the new base yarn (Sublime, DK weight) and the new Whimsy colors. I'm working on making all of it available right now through my Etsy shop, dyed-to-order so you can get exactly what you need in the yarn you want.
11 Nov '13

Gradients in Full

With the exception of Knitalong kits, I try to stay away from having dyed-to-order listings in my Etsy shop. However, I keep finding myself in conversations with knitters about gradient kits where each color is a 100 gram skein. In a response to what seems to be a theme, today I wrote up a way for knitters to get exactly the color they want in precisely the yarn base they want. I put up my top 20 colors in the minimal space provided by Etsy for photos, but you're always free to choose "other" in the color menu and leave me a note with the one you'd prefer. I'm sure you've heard, but there's a Pinterest board just for the Gradients. Here's a quick visual of the 20 colors: I have some ideas of what full sized kits could be used for as well! Check out Martina Behm's Viajante or Nuvem, both would lend themselves especially well to sock-weight full size gradients. Here's a sweater pattern I've been meaning to make for myself: Carina Spencer's Sugar Maple. I know it's very old school, but Kate Gilbert's Clapotis is still a free Knitty pattern and would be great for the Worsted kits. If you have other suggestions, feel free to post them in my Ravelry thread dedicated to Gradient Kit ideas.
16 Oct '13

Fiar Progress

I've dyed so many gradients in the last two days that I feel like I could do this routine in my sleep. That's okay, I love the colors and even though some of them really fly I keep wanting to hold one of everything aside so I can knit if for myself. I'm a selfish knitter, what can I say? When I have had a couple minutes here and there to knit, I've been working on my latest edition of Fiar: I made it into the 3rd shade today, and I think that must the point at which the gradience of the whole thing really starts to show because I find myself far more enthusiastic about knitting mid-way than at the beginning. I'm not sure if its obvious, but I'm working the full 20-row repeat and changing colors between the 1st and 2nd garter ridges. I only cast on for 10 repeats so I'll have a much smaller cowl, and it will be a bit tall, which I'm looking forward to. I found myself a really excellent silk/cotton sweater dress (on sale, I love hunting down good deals on great clothes!) in the perfect shade of charcoal today, and I think my latest Smokey Fiar will be the perfect accent.

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