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02 Jun '14

Where Did the Gradient Yarns Go?

If you’ve had a moment to pop by my shop lately, you’ll notice that most of the gradient yarn colors are not listed. The TTL Mystery Shawl 2014 is knit with a gradient in Fern, and has garnered a fair amount of traffic in the last two weeks. For perspective: two weeks ago, I had all but one of my 46 gradient yarn colors in stock, most in quantities of 3 to 6. As of today, I have only 15 colors left(not counting the few I have in Lilt). Along the way, I redyed and stocked 13 of the most popular colors. It has been a busy couple of weeks, needless to say. Here’s a schedule of what to expect over the next couple months: Lilt Sock is coming back! The mill order should be here within the next two weeks. I will start dyeing as soon as it gets here, but my first aim will be to get ready for Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR from June 20 through 22. Coming back from BSG, I plan to start with stocking the most popular gradient yarn colors in Lilt first: Tidewater, Smoke, Vapor, Amethyst, Naiad, Orchid, Fern, Ice, and so on until I get at least 20 colors listed. Pebble Sock comes back mid-July, which is when I’ll be able to start dyeing more of the regular gradient kits in the 100% Merino base that most everyone has. All the colors will eventually get stocked back out, but it will take some time. As far as special orders, update times, holds, and preorders are concerned: none of these phenomena are things I am comfortable with. They leave too much open to software bungling or individual forgetfulness. I want everyone to get the colors they really want, and that may take patience. Only in the case of ordering exclusive KAL kits or full-sized gradient yarn kits (each color is 100g, and can be any of my yarn substrates) do I ask for preorders. I hope that covers all the questions you might have for the moment. Emailing me with more complex questions is welcome. Blacktrillium @ Popculturezoo . com is my customer service and work email. Thank you!
09 Apr '14

Can't Knit? Blasphemy!

Posted by 69943844 in black trillium, Dyeing, goloring, Life, yarn
First, a nice cheery photo of the booth just before opening at Vogue Seattle 2014: We had a great show, as the gradients were as popular as I thought they'd be. We brought all forty-two colors to the show and only took home about a quarter of that. I've been slowing working on dyeing and restocking the shop, but life has proven to have other plans for me. My children are both healthy once again, but my turn rolled around to get sick as they started to heal. I dutifully rested and waited out my fever, watching lots of shows, drinking tea and barely knitting a stitch. As soon as I could stand up without being too dizzy I got back to work testing new colors for a couple local shops and getting gradient orders out the door. With lots of hand washing in between, of course. The saddest part was that I still didn't feel like knitting even though my fever seemed abated. A couple of days ago, though, the fever came back with a smashing case of vertigo. I'm so disgusted, but I think I have an inkling why. Getting ready for fiber shows is a lot of work. There's nothing bad about getting ready to hang out with lots of knitters and see what wonderful things they intend to do with your yarn. A drawback to juggling family and a fiber business is that sleep comes in a distant third. Add to that the show itself and sleeping in a hotel, coming home to sick kiddos, spending three nights in the hospital, more sick kiddos after the hospital, then living through another two weeks of dormis interuptus due to your partner's snoring and your own bodily frailty, and you have a recipe for a sub-par immune system. I'm writing this from bed, trying to ignore the fact that groceries need shopped for, yarn needs dyed and reskeined and the dog needs walkies. I can barely stand because the dizziness is worse today than ever. But at least after bed rest yesterday I had a great night's sleep. I'm not one to take much for granted, especially my health but also good customer service. This has been a month's worth of very poor circumstances. I still don't feel much like knitting, but I'm hoping to soon because the Goloring KAL has started and I'm really excited to get going on mine in Shire. Kits are still available from my shop for pre-order.
22 Feb '14

Whimsical Solids

New for Spring 2014, my latest assortment of colors bridges the gap between smaller pre-wound gradient kits and full sized individual multicolors. My initial offering of painterly semi-solids includes 12 colors with three shades each. To see color names, hover over the individual photo, and click through to see a larger photo. To get your first look at the Whimsical Solids series, you'll want to stop by The Knitting Bee during the Rose City Yarn Crawl, February 27th through March 2nd. I'll have the full range of colors in all three shades dyed in Lilt Sock as well as a limited number of colors dyed in my new Sublime DK weight. My next show with the Whimsical Solids is running March 14, 15 and 16 at Vogue Knitting Live in Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Washington. In addition to the solids, I'll also have a full selection of the Gradient Kits. I'll be in booth #221 just like last year and I will have at least a couple samples knit in various shades of the new colors. It will be a full space with all that yarn!
16 Dec '13

From 3 to 6

Posted by 69943844 in Black Trillium, Dyeing, gradients
Gradients have become the center of my dyeing universe lately. The speed at which these things fly out of the shop has been building over the last six or seven months - I've been doing them for a year, and the hubbub sincerely started around Vogue Knitting Live last April. Now, more often than not a color will sell out within 24 hours of listing it. This is hard to keep up with, since I have more than 40 gradient kit shades to keep in stock. New stratagems are in order, and so I started testing the dyeing formulas to see if they would work in multiples rather than the single skein-per-shade I had been working with. By single skein, I mean 100 gram skein, which then gets wound down into 33 grams skeins. The testing has worked, so instead of 3 kits per dyeing and winding session, I can now get at least six. Bark went back up tonight, the 3rd of my multiple testers. Last week, I dyed up Flutter, Bitter, Indigo, Smoke, Vapor, Olive and Jam in addition to Bark, all in numbers that will allow me to list 6 at a time. I'm hoping this will lead to more colors being in stock at once, since I'm highly averse to selling things that are dyed-to-order. Be patient with me while we figure out this ramping up, and I'm happy to have a suggestion if there's a color you wish to see back in the shop above others.
05 Nov '13

Where There's Smoke

I love this idea that rumors don't really start themselves. We talk a lot of movie and TV shop in our house, and while it is amazing the amount of sheer fiction floating the waves of the internet with regards to who is going to play what part or what movie might be in production, nothing spawns more speculation (it seems) than Doctor Who. Since I'm not the in-house expert, I probably can't point you to the best sources of information. I am, however, a life-long Doctor Who fan and I'm very happy with all the goings on this year around the 50th Anniversary and Matt's impending regeneration, and I've been batting around color ideas for at least six months in honor of the impending big Five-Oh. They say you can "date" yourself based on which is "your" Doctor. While this may not work on American folks who weren't as lucky as I was to have total dork parents and have only started watching with Eccleston, there are loads of us children of the late sixties and early seventies that will tell you Tom Baker is The Doctor. My sons are a bit confused, having access to DVD's and such, because they could just as easily tell you Jon Pertwee is the Doctor as David Tennent. This character has had eleven faces (if you don't count the two movies Peter Cushing played the mad man in a blue box), and as a color- and detail-obsessed sci-fi junky I realized early my project needed a more limited scope. I'm not going to say I won't expand later, but let's start with the modern incarnation of the series just to keep the numbers realistic. And then Matt decided it was time to leave. 9th Doctor, Chris Eccleston, 2005 - inspired by his love of black leather and that interestingly intense flirtation with the tree-woman from the Forest of Cheem. 10th Doctor, David Tennent, 2005-2010 - this color has been around a while but is now updated for repeatability. Wardrobe was enough for this one, the perfect combination of muted manly colors as if he'd dug through some post-aristocratic rummage sale. 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, 2010-2013 - bow ties, fez's, and Stetsons, oh my! Matt has done an excellent job of conveying The Doctor's dark side, and I don't mind one bit how young he was when cast. Idris, The TARDIS - most of all, I loved that Neil Gaiman's first episode put the TARDIS consciousness in the body of a woman and that she decided biting was like kissing, only with a winner. Islington, Peter Capaldi - the yet-to-be-seen 12th Doctor shouldn't be overlooked in my 50th Anniversary tribute, and yet I have no idea what Capaldi's version of the Doctor will be like. Consider this a placeholder until the 12th Doctor is christened. There you have it, five colors in honor of man with (nearly) 12 faces and his odd blue box.

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