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15 Mar '12

Lacey Listings

There's been a stash of Merino Lace (running around 1100 yards per 100g, I might add) hanging around waiting to be dyed for some time now. Getting to into the dyepot has afforded me the chance to play with colors, specifically I need a couple more good greens in the warmer range. Here's a preview of today's Etsy listings: [nggallery id="7"] For better views & info, click or hover. See listings here!
14 Mar '12

Spring Comes Up Pink

Posted by 69943844 in Black Trillium, color, Etsy, flower, pink, spring, Yarn
In testing my new spring color ideas, I decided it was finally time to come up with some truly fun pinks. To say this is not my favorite color would really be an understatement, akin saying black holes like matter. So I decided to fiddle around with a few layers. Click on a particular one to see larger, hover to see colorway name: [nggallery id="6"] Of course, I came up with mostly things that aren't truly pink, but have some relationship to pink via purple or red. Maybe this explains why I don't think I have many pinks in my color repertoire, as I think of whatever color it is (Cherry Blossom Rain, Baroness, Foxglove etc) through their friendlier red & violet relations. Later this afternoon, you can find my little pink experiment listed on Etsy!
25 Feb '12

45° North

The last time I spent months working on a single project, I think it was for a graduate-level literary theory class. This time, it's all about yarn! I've been working with Twisted of Portland, Oregon, to create a line of nearly-solid saturated & bright colors using my 100% Merino Sock yarn. I started getting things together before Christmas, dyeing little 10 gram skeins in nearly 50 colors. Shannon & I worked together and picked 25 in a nice, wide palette, saving the other for possible future additions. Dyeing the yarn was a whole different process than I usually use so that 10 skeins could be dyed together, creating dyelots with as little variation as possible between skeins. Of course, this is still hand-dyed yarn, so if you have a big project in mind make sure you buy plenty of yarn and don't hesitate to alternate skeins to minimize color changes. I learned so much doing this project that I feel like I should use some of it on future projects for my own Etsy site, though I have no precise plans at this moment. I'm extremely excited to be able to share this project with all of you, so please take a sec to cruise on over to Twisted's website and peruse the colors. Now to think hard about my Spring 2012 colors list...