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16 Apr '12

Color Studies: True Blue

Last week was all about taxes and spring break. I've done book keeping for a number of businesses other than my own over the years, so I keep that in-house to save money for Black Trillium. But can I say? I suck at keeping track of my own receipts. They're all here, but its quite a pile and none too organized. Listening to other small business owners talk (gripe) about having to pay taxes, I wonder if they realized they'd pay less at the end of the year if they'd just pay themselves a little bit more along the way and pay income taxes on it. Or hire another someone. We get taxed one way or another, so it's all about the when, no? On to more important things: a true blue that isn't too warm. I start you off with these: It is pretty darn hard to see the differences between the four in that photo, but I promise there are very real differences. I found my blue - not too green, not too cobalt - but I also found out how hard it is to make a big difference when using a large amount of dye. The flip side of that coin is one where colors, especially solids, are more consistent across dye batches when you really oversaturate. I've been using this idea while doing the Twisted solids to achieve more "solid" hand-dyes (don't get me started on how hard that actually is), and I'm curious to see the difference between dye lots. Before I wander off to get today's batch of Twisted 45 degrees North cooking (massive restock + 5 new colors) I wanted to show you some Merino Singles I dyed up. Little Knits is calling it Little Heaven. I have a gallery's-worth of pictures to put up so can see all the colors I did for them and it's on my list of things to do after I get laundry, dishes and dyeing rolling. My personal word on Little Heaven is awesome lace that will make super soft, super drapey finished knits. Star's color turned out spectacularly: Or Star, if you're me My list is getting scary at this point, so I better sign off. I'll try and have an update this week of 100g Pebble Sock in new colors plus a few familiars. Have a great week!
28 Mar '12

Color Studies: Pea Green

I have lots of yarn to get ready to deliver this week, so these colors won't be appearing on the Etsy site until next Monday. The good news about that is I get to put up one more set of color experiments I did before next week, and then I get to put together a rather large collection of what I call "Fat Quarters".
15 Mar '12

Lacey Listings

There's been a stash of Merino Lace (running around 1100 yards per 100g, I might add) hanging around waiting to be dyed for some time now. Getting to into the dyepot has afforded me the chance to play with colors, specifically I need a couple more good greens in the warmer range. Here's a preview of today's Etsy listings: [nggallery id="7"] For better views & info, click or hover. See listings here!