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01 Oct '11

Arbitrary Wednesday

Posted by 69943844 in Arbitrary, Black Trillium, yarn
Oxford Dictionary defines "arbitrary" as
based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system
Perfect for what I have in mind to post. ...Love Decay? Allison's readers did - she posted this and the yarn evaporated from stock. We'll just have to get some more on its way, won't we? ...This BFMA post just gave me a greater appreciation for woolgathering. Personally, I'm all over daydreaming...about spinning. Roving, anyone? ...Yesterday while dyeing up superwash bulky weight merino yarn, I went through two and a half bottles of black dyestock. The "Black" in Black Trillium is not arbitrary or random, folks. (As a frame of reference, I usually have one, maybe two, bottles of each color mixed. I always have 3 black.) ...I had another new-to-me club/subscription idea involving mini skeins and exclusive patterns. I wonder if I have time?