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09 Oct '17

Gradient Yarn: Rose Gold

We're back again with another beautiful Monday Gradient Yarn idea, this time from the incredibly kind and creative Andrea Mowry.  Going by the name DreaReneeKnits online, Andrea has a prolific following and spectacular catalog of patterns, and frequently makes use of brioche stitch.  One of my favorite parts of perusing projects worked up from Andrea's patterns is the way she's encouraged use of color and experimentation in her designs and how that manifests in the finished pieces.

photo courtesy Andrea Mowry

This week we want to show you Rose Gold, an asymmetrical brioche shawl that is made using two contrasting colors of gradient yarn.  There's great flexibility of color and yarn choice for this pattern, because the way it's written the shawl is two-sided and can be made with either Pebble Sock Gradients or Lilt Sock Gradients.  To make the shawl precisely as shown in Andrea's photos, you will need 1 Lilt Gradient in Sheaf and 1 Lilt Gradient in Jam.

photo courtesy Bonnie Donaghy

For our own version of Rose Gold, we chose to go muted neutral - Zinc - on one side, and bright, bright, bright - Fluoro - on the other.  As you can see, the stitch pattern is such that you get an impression of the bright color through the neutral on the Zinc-facing side.  When you flip the piece over, you have the opposite effect.

photo courtesy Bonnie Donaghy

I love this detail shot of the lacier edging of Rose Gold.  This part of the pattern makes it a bit of a skill builder if you're new to brioche, but well worth it for the added visual interest.  Below, you can see the reverse side, with Andrea's version with the Sheaf side showing, and the impression you get of Jam peeking through.

photo courtesy Andrea Mowry

Thank you for reading along with us this week.  Take care and come back soon!