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15 Mar '19

Ordering & Stock Update, March 15 2019

Posted by Melanie Dilworth

First, I want to say thank you (like this - THANK YOU!!!!!) to everyone who responded in various ways including ordering and reposting for the sale we began just a bit less than two weeks ago.

Second, for the folks who are still waiting on orders.  I am working diligently to get everything out as quickly as possible, and nobody is going to be forgotten or overlooked.  It turns out dyeing, winding, and shipping over two hundred orders takes a while when you're doing it solo.

Third, for those of you wondering what will be available going forward.  Once the dust settles, I will take stock of what might be left (not much) and update the website accordingly.  I'll try and pop the color options that are still around to the tops of the drop-down menus for ease of use.

Fourth, for our future.  Black Trillium Fibres isn't going anywhere.  I have a fully outfitted dyeing space and another mill order on the way.  The bottom line is that I love dyeing.  Owning a small business is and always will be a challenging balancing act, and I'm still adjusting to our current mode of operation.


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