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15 Jun '18

Moving Sale

Posted by Melanie Dilworth
As you may have heard through our social media or my post last week, we have some upcoming changes at Black Trillium Fibres.  Here's the gist:
We're losing our dyeing studio.
Which means...
We're moving.
Anyone who's run their own business will tell you this costs a fair amount of money.  In our case, it begins with a new electrical panel and probably offsite storage, as well as all the usual associated moving costs.  It will all be for the best in the long run, but we're going to need your help to get there.
There are crowd-funding options, of course.  However, I think it would be easier and more expedient for us to make use of this lovely little website we're already on and offer crafters an unusual opportunity.  How about this:
What: 30% off the entire site
When: now until Monday, June 25th
HOW (discount code): Moving
Where: right here
All the usual things apply, like free shipping in the US for purchases $100 or more, we'll restock as we can but we don't make any guarantees, and anything dyed-to-order is probably going to take a couple weeks to ship.  We'll reserve the right to continue the sale if need be.  Yes, 30% is a crazy deep discount for handmade goods.  But making sure we don't experience an interruption in our ability to dye yarn is paramount.
Thank you so, so, SO much in advance for taking part in this fundraising effort.  We're working to make changes as smoothly as possible, and every bit helps.

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