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29 Aug '16

Knit With Rainbows? We're In!

First things first, so an not to bury the lead: from August 29th to September 2nd, get 20% off your whole purchase from blacktrilliumfibres.com with discount code "wool".  Because the seasons are changing, which means lots of new patterns and cooler weather for crafting.  Bring on the end of summer!

Now let's look at something really fabulous to do with all that yarn!


Anglesea by Carol Feller
Photo courtesy Joseph Feller
Carol Feller, sweet genius that she is, has published an entire book using gradient yarnsKnitting With Rainbows will have eleven patterns, two of which were designed with our Lilt and Pebble Sock Gradients, and is available for pre-order right nowAnglesea (above) described in the designer's own words:
This shawl is worked from the top down in a wide crescent shape. Work begins with a biased textured pattern that transitions into a lace pattern. The gradient yarns in the sample move smoothly from one colour to the next so the shawl feels like a continuous colour gradient. 
Anglesea, photo courtesy Joseph Feller
What I love most about this design is the straight-forward use of the gradient yarn.  Shown in a Shire Pebble Sock gradient the pattern moves from one shade to the next without pretext.  With our gradients you're meant to see the color changes, especially in the more color-saturated kits.  With this shawl you're likely to have a fair amount left over in the first two shades.  You could easily pair this pattern with something else like Aranami and two kits of one color to use up every yard of your favorite gradient color.
Fenn's Quay by Carol Feller
Photo courtesy Joseph Feller
Our second appearance in Carol's book is Fenn's Quay, a lovely chevron cowl meant to be worn both long or looped in a cozy double.  Shown here in a Pine Lilt Gradient, I am in love with the light to dark shades of green against the model's black tank.  As the darkest shades blend in, the lightest shades create shape and highlight stitch textures and definition.
Take a minute to stock up this week - do NOT forget to add "WOOL" to the discount code box!!! -  (we'll be adding yarns where and when we can during the sale), and then go check out the pre-order for Carol's book.
Thank you for reading another Monday Gradient Yarn idea post! Have a great week!

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