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14 Nov '16

Gradient Yarn: Undertone Cowl

We're back this week with another Gradient Yarn idea!  As you may have noticed if you scroll back through all our posts under the tag Monday Gradient Yarn Ideas, we don't post every week or even every other week.  While I'd love to have more scheduled consistency, my job within Black Trillium Fibres right now consists of being the one and only dyer, the social media guru, photographer (that explains a lot, right?), accountant, shipper, supply manager, etc.  Both Wendy & Becky are constantly busy processing either gradient yarn kits or wholesale orders and those two things take up their entire schedule.  I'm considering hiring another person whose only job it would be to dye yarns, but that requires experience and a desire to work a really physically taxing job, so I'm weighing how to go about this.  In the meantime, the blog and social media will continue as they has always done with occasional radio silence.

This week I want to show you a fantastically quick knit, the Undertone Cowl by TinCanKnits.  This pattern hails from a book we've already talked about, Mad Colour, that has a whole series of really super ideas for various weights of yarn.  Another pattern from this book, Polygon, is being knit up by Gigi from Knitmore Girls in a really stunning combination of Coral, Ursa & Tidewater.

I decided to do Undertone in a Lavender Sublime DK Gradient Yarn kit, with a skein of Sublime in Natural to contrast.  The pattern is ultimately a piece of cake, with easy directions that will allow you alter sizes if you aren't satisfied with the four provided.  I decided to do four repeats of the pattern per gradient yarn shade, and was left with a huge amount to do other things with.  We wind each Sublime DK Gradient Yarn shade to 50g, so naturally a 250g kit will give you lots of project choices.

I was pleased by the finished texture of the cowl, even though US 7 needles seemed to give a bit of a loose fabric for our lighter-than-typical-DK Sublime.  The largest size asks for less than 200 stitches cast on, which made this cowl fast knitting in addition to being fun.

I hope you'll give this lovely cowl pattern a try, experiment with colors.  It would be just as easy to use your gradient yarn for the main color rather than the contrast color stripes, and you could also combine two gradient yarn sets by designating one the MC and the second the CC.  Another fabulous possibility, if you managed to get your hands on one, are our November Limited Edition sets in Royals & Back To Basics.

Enjoy your week and we'll see you back again soon!

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