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08 Aug '16

Gradient Yarn: Spectral Cowl

This week's Gradient Yarn idea is another fantastic pattern from Debbi Stone under her Stitches of My Life Designs label.  Spectral is a cowl that lends itself well to either a Pebble Sock or Lilt Sock gradient.  Shown here in Indigo Pebble Sock, this cowl is soft and flexible but substantial.  With Debbi's signature "potato chip knitting" stitch patterns, you really have to try to put this work-in-progress down.
Originally published in 2013, this pattern has been getting a lot of new attention this year whenever we take it to shows.  As more and more dyers attempt their own version of gradients and knitters' consciousness open to the possibilities, fantastic designers like Debbi with proven designs are a perfect point of accessibility.  We encourage everybody, experienced and new, to check out Spectral for a highly wearable spring and fall knit piece.
Thank you for taking a look at yet another wonderful gradient yarn idea with us this Monday.  We love sharing these designs and highlighting our favorite designers this way, and we hope you're enjoying our little series.  To see them all, click here.
Have a great week!

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