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25 Sep '17

Gradient Yarn: Road Trip to Monterey

We're happy to be coming back to our Monday Gradient Yarn Ideas series, especially now that fall weather is coming back here in the Pacific Northwest.  We've had an unusually hot and dry summer, with forest fires that have raged hotter and longer than in previous years and have taken their toll on air quality and forest resources at unprecedented levels.  The rain is very welcome this year, on so many fronts.

all photos courtesy Kirsten Kapur & Chris Barry
For our first return post, we're going to revisit a designer we've worked with frequently on various projects over the years, Kirsten Kapur.  Kirsten is how I picture the epitome of professional pattern designers because she always knows what she wants and has many other craft interests outside knitting.  She's always been a pleasure to work with, so you can be sure we'll have many more collaborations with her in the future.  (Hint: you need to be subscribed to our newsletter if you want to hear about the special thing we're doing with Kirsten and several other wonderful people coming late this fall.)  Her brand, Through the Loops, is all about beautiful and well-written designs that are versatile and wearable.  No blanket shawls here, I guarantee. 

Road Trip to Monterey was originally published in February of 2017, right before we headed off to Stitches West.  I have one of my own at home, knit in a Mallow Gradient & Siren's Song, that has been finished for some time and really needs a few great photos to show it off.  Kirsten chose to work with an Ice Gradient and Charcoal, both in our fabulous 5-ply merino & silk yarn called Lilt.

If you plan to make one of these wonderful shawls, I would suggest working with two highly contrasting colors.  Kirsten and I both tend to prefer low-contrast, but the fact is that you will see more of the lovely (and easily memorized) stitch pattern if you go for something like Moonshadow or Dark Matter and a bright gradient like Vivid, Xenon, or Fluoro.  Make sure you're ready to wet block this baby to within an inch of its life as well - I don't know of a knitting project I've ever finished that didn't benefit from a good soak and a little smoothing out to dry.

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