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26 Dec '16

Gradient Yarn: Pretty Maids Gauntlets

all photos courtesy Fiona Ellis
This week's Gradient Yarn Idea comes to us from Fiona Ellis and her design for our exclusive knit-along in that ran from April to June of 2016.  Pretty Maids are gauntlets, rather than mitts, which means they lack a thumb tube.  This means you are simply knitting in the round the entire way through.  Shown here in Trifle, this pattern is great for using one Pebble Sock gradient yarn kit.
One of the features I love most about this pattern is the way Fiona orchestrates the transitions.  For each section you are using 2 gradient yarn shades, making the movement of color more seamless to the eye.  At the same time, the designer put together some lovely (if a little complicated) lace patterns.  The end result is a stunning pair of gorgeous near-mitts that are great dressed up or down.
Thanks so much for checking out another Monday Gradient Yarn Ideas post!  Have a great week!

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