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18 Jul '16

Gradient Yarn: Goloring

Welcome to another installment of our ongoing series about what to make with your Black Trillium Fibres gradients.  This week we're looking at Goloring, a long cabled shawlette/scarf by MK Nance, and was one of our 2014 exclusive KAL kits.  This pattern originally called for one Pebble Sock Gradient, but would work equally well with one Lilt Sock Gradient.  I knit my sample in Shire, and also chose to take some of the repeats out to facilitate making the scarf a little taller.
Photo courtesy MK Nance, Goloring shown in Vapor
The wonderful skill I learned via this pattern, a skill that has come in handy countless times since, is a cast on using 2 skeins (or two end of one skein) at the same time.  This allows you to make a slipknot with your two skeins (and they don't have to be the same color), and cast on as many stitches as you need regardless of how long the cast on is.  For shawls worked bottom up, or anything requiring more than 100 sts to start, this method of casting on means you won't have a really long tail or waste time recounting over and over to make sure you have enough.
Several knitters have made this scarf thus far:
photo courtesy crookedneedles on Ravelry
photo courtesy feistykitty on Ravelry
photo courtesy Angehe on Ravelry
This design's inspiration comes from the metalwork & pottery ornamentation circa Bronze Age Europe.  Personally, I love the lush cabled braid that runs through the last three shades of the piece and the way it pops against the reverse Stockinette that frames it.  Whether you prefer working with Pebble or Lilt Gradients, you'll have no problem staying engaged in knitting this wonderful little piece.
Thank you for reading another Monday Gradient Yarn idea post!

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