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25 Jul '16

Gradient Yarn: Binx Shawl

In this week's gradient yarn ideas post, we're focusing on another Binx Gradient Shawl, a Black Trillium Fibres pattern that is both brand new and a free download!  Best of all, this shawl formula will allow you to use an entire Lilt Sock, Pebble Sock or (forthcoming) Sublime DK gradient yarn set.


I love new things, but I get antsy waiting to be able to share them on our website.  I've been working on this shawl concept for several months, putting it on hold every time we got busy for a show or my personal life sidelined my knitting.  I decided to make Binx a free download because there isn't anything skill-wise that is overtly difficult about knitting this shawl.  If you know how to knit, knit through the back loop of two stitches, increase into one stitche, and knit two stitches together, you're all set!  You can get this pattern from our website, and you can also download it to your Ravelry library.


Choosing gradient colors for our sample pieces isn't my strongest suit.  As one of my trusty production assistants will point out, all of the samples I'm responsible for knitting are either purple or aqua.  I have a thing.  I tried to branch out a little with Binx, using an Aphrodite Lilt Gradient, though now that I've finished I realize I went less into my pink non-comfort-zone and kept it pretty purple.  That's okay, hopefully you'll all be able to look past my narrow color focus and see the pattern too.

So I hope you enjoy the shawl - it is free and I'd like to see folks trying out another gradient pattern by us.  Our Summer Sale runs through the end of today as well, please don't forget to use the "SUMMER16" discount code when you check out.  See you again next Monday!

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