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15 Dec '16

December Limited Edition Gradients

We're here again with another installment of our limited edition gradient and color packs, and this time we've gone all-out with four of what we call Spectrum Gradients.  These fine kits are 10 - 33g skeins each and especially for December we've chosen to feature Prime as our kit base yarn (we've never done this before).  Check out our special colors and let us know what you think!

Ice Queen - A ten skein (33g each) Spectrum Gradient that ranges from pure turquoise to cobalt blue, with significant lightening in the middle.  Some have noted an unintentional resemblance to a certain sub-zero children's movie.

Poison Ivy - A ten skein (33g each) Spectrum Gradient that runs for bright acid green to deep forest green.  The color changes in this kit are very subtle and are best observed in daylight for sequencing.

Trilliums - a ten skein (33g each) Spectrum Gradient that inspired by the beautiful color range of trilliums in the wild. The kit begins in lighter Ivy greens and continues with pale pink and darkens into plum burgundy.

And last but not least, as I've been planning the dyeing sequence for this kit since we started the Limited series in September:

Winter Solstice - A ten skein (33g each) Spectrum Gradient that is all about winter's reversal and coming back into the light. Beginning with the deepest inky black, this kit lightens up through several shades of charcoal and silver, then switches to pale yellow and continues through layered fiery orange-reds.

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