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04 Jan '16

Gradient Yarn: Cladonia

My Cladonia
As a project, Cladonia by Kirsten Kapur of Through The Loops is one of those that so many people have knit that it is easily recognizable and the project notes on Ravelry contain so much information about different variations that you could knit a completely new version every month for a year.  Of course there are other gradient ones, which is primarily what inspired me to work one up with our own Pebble Sock Gradient Yarn.
Here's how you make one for yourself:
  1. Purchase Cladonia from Kirsten.
  2. Choose your yarn colors. I picked Beach Glass from our regular Pebble Sock colors, and Sheaf from the Gradient Yarns.
  3. Read your pattern and plot your gradient usage.  I knit 10 repeats using the lightest shade, 8 reps with the second lightest, 6 with the middle shade, 4 with the nearly darkest shade, and 2 with the darkest.  I also knit the final row or two plus the bind off with darkest.
  4. Block, and wear.

Regarding yardage, you will have a lot of the gradient left over which you can save for another project.  If you would like to use more of the gradient and make a much larger shawl, you will need more than 1 - 100g skein of Pebble Sock.

Thank you for checking out another installment of our Monday Gradient Yarn Ideas series.  You can read back through them all here.

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