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28 Dec '15

Gradient Yarn: Pebble Sock

If you read back to our first post about how we make the gradient yarn sets of all kinds, you have some idea how much time it takes to dye and restock each color.  In addition, just a few months ago we increased the size of our mill orders, making it so our undyed stock carries us through more of the year and reduces the number of times a year we're juggling conversations with custom agents and mill reps in three different time zones.  It took us a little longer to get in this last order of Pebble Sock, so about two thirds of the Pebble Sock gradient colors were totally sold out.  In a time of transition like this, we really appreciate how cool everyone is when they understand the full story.  We don't like to be out of yarn or colors, but the intent is to fix the situation in the long term.  Pebble Sock Gradients have started the long climb back up to full availability, so we hope you'll remain patient.

Now seems like a great time to share a whole list of ideas for Pebble Sock Gradient yarns, in no particular order of preference but with lots of pictures.  In addition to these particular designs, many of these designers have multitudes of fabulous patterns that are just waiting for your creative gradient color usage.  Some patterns were designed for Pebble Sock, but some are also conversions.

Spectral in Indigo
Spectral by Debbi Stone
shown in Indigo
Traliccio by Debbi Stone
shown in Zinc

 photo courtesy Twist Collective

Masonry Sock by Kate Gilbert
shown in Crater
Mixed Medium
photo courtesy Marcy Vandale
Mixed Medium by Marcy Vandale
shown in Edelweiss
photo courtesy Bonnie Donaghy
Nuvem by Martina Behm
shown in Mineral
photo courtesy Kirsten Kapur
Algiers by Kirsten Kapur
shown in Fern
Fading Lines by Joji Locatelli
shown in Naiad
photo courtesy Bonnie Donaghy
Fiar by Irish Girlie Knits
shown in Jam
Tanglement by Karen Whooley
shown in Spice
Abingdon by Kirsten Kapur
shown in Amethyst and Quartz
photo courtesy Melissa Goodale
Moire Cowl by Melissa Goodale
shown in Olive
Cladonia by Kirsten Kapur
shown in Sheaf
Goloring by M.K. Nance
shown in Shire
photo courtesy Ambah O'Brien
Migee by Ambah O'Brien
shown in Smoke
photo courtesy Anna Dalvi
Mystic Cabin by Anna Dalvi
shown in Scotch
For everyone who celebrates, we hope you're having a wonderful holiday season.  We'll be back in the new year with yet another great gradient yarn idea, but if you want to read back over older posts in our Monday Gradient Yarn Ideas series, click here.

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