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21 Dec '15

Gradient Yarn: Nuvem

photo courtesy Bonnie Donaghy

We admit, this pattern was not originally written for fingering weight yarn, which Pebble Sock & Lilt Sock both are, but with such a straight forward and easily modified construction our test knitter had zero trouble knitting Nuvem with a full-sized (500g) gradient yarn set.  To see all of Bonnie's photos, check out her project page here.

As we planned this sample knit, we had to figure out which direction to work the gradient - we chose dark to light - and where to change skeins.  The not-so-well-kept secret to this pattern is that you use Judy's Magic Cast-on, starting in the middle and working seamlessly outward.  If my recall is accurate, Bonnie changed skeins as each one ran out, saving the lightest skein for the rippling border.

photo courtesy Bonnie Donaghy

The yarn we chose for the project was what we call our full-sized gradient yarn kits, shown in the Mineral color dyed on Pebble Sock.  Each shade is 100g skein with 380 yards, bringing the total yardage for the gradient to 1900.  We don't often offer these large kits, choosing to hide the product page until we have in-stock items rather than have it out there pretty much always out of stock.  However (and, yes, this means a lot of ends to weave in) putting together 3 - 165g gradient kits is equal to their original 500g full-sized gradient.

In the end, and no matter what yarn you use, you will have an enormous shawl that wraps well and you didn't have to purl a single stitch to finish.  I've knit my own using Wollmeise, and I'd really like to knit another using one of our 200g skeins of Silken Lace.  Or maybe two 100g skeins of vastly different colors like my friend Sue has done.  500g of Lilt Sock gradients would make an even bigger shawl, or longer, depending how many stitches you cast on along the middle seam.  Anyway, it's a great project if you're into that kind of   thing.

Thanks for reading yet another Monday Gradient Yarn Ideas post!  We hope you'll keep checking back, and feel free to share your requests or ask questions in the comments.  You can also read back to how we make our gradients in this post.


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