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10 Dec '15

Twin Leaf Crescent - Exclusive Knit-along

Posted by Melanie Dilworth in exclusive, gradient yarn, gradient yarns, KAL, knitting

Many of us have finished and are wearing our Mixed Medium Cowl, just in time for it to turn cold and wet in various parts of the Northern Hemisphere.  Here in Portland, we've been enduring three times the normal precipitation that historically comes with December - in the space of four days.  My feet are wearing handknits, my head is wearing a handknit, my neck is wearing a handknit, my bed (and my children's beds) are wearing handknits....you get the idea.  I'm looking forward to our next knit-along kit because it is beautiful knitting that will carry us through until spring!

The first quarter of the year is secretly my favorite, still cool enough to knit all the things, but I no longer feel like knitting for myself or work is selfishly avoiding holiday gifts.  Cut to Twin Leaf Crescent, a pattern brought to us by Michele Lee Bernstein of PDXKnitterati.  Two years ago she knocked my socks off with her designs for the RCYC and For Yarn's Sake, so I knew I needed to get in touch and see what brilliant things she could create with a gradient yarn set.

Twin Leaf Crescent

We're offering this beautiful pattern as part of a kit - the pattern will be available on it's own after the KAL is over - along with our shiny and drapey Lilt Sock Gradient Yarn.  It is important to read through the entirety of the pattern's description before you check out.  We wanted very much to give knitters a wealth of color choices, so we're trying a new system where the kit is in two parts and you pick the color you want from the Lilt Gradients page, and then you add a copy of the pattern.  Or vice versa, but you can't just do the pattern.  I don't like to spend a lot of time on this "do, don't, be good listeners" stuff, but this is new and it's a hard and fast rule.

So I bet you're wondering what else you need to know about the pattern and knit-along?  You'll definitely need some circular needles, a pair of US 4 in 30 or 32 inch cable is suggested in the pattern.  Michele tried to make the most of the yarn by knitting from the bottom up, so we don't suggest trying to change sizing and we do recommend checking your gauge.  You will also want beads (550 6/0 or Miyuki Delicas 8/0) and a means of affixing them.  A minuscule (.9mm) crochet hook is my tool of choice, but Michele uses a Bead Aid.  I will probably be using clear beads, but I haven't picked my gradient color yet.  If you really don't want to do the beads, they're considered optional.  A tapestry needle for weaving ends and some locking stitch markers, and you're all set.

From here, let's bullet point a few more important things:

  • Ravelry chat thread is here.
  • Finishers will be eligible for prizes, see chat thread header for guidelines.
  • The KAL starts Jan 1 2016 and ends March 31 2016.
  • Skills used: placing beads, short rows, lace knitting
  • If you use Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, tag #twinleafKAL2016

That's all for now, hope to see you all on Ravelry posting cast on pictures in just a few weeks!

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