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07 Dec '15

Gradient Yarn: Masonry

To my knowledge, Kate Gilbert's Masonry socks are the only sock pattern designed with our gradient yarn.  This pattern was our first with Twist Collective (see the pattern page directly to get more details and photo credit) - a publication I've admired since it's inception.

Masonry Socks by Kate Gilbert, Photo credit Faye Schiano

photo courtesy Twist Collective

Knit with a mosaic pattern across the calf, heel and toe, this pattern uses a stretchier version of colorwork to achieve it's lovely texture.  In choosing yarn colors, you'll need 1 skein of Pebble Sock 100g, and 1 Pebble Sock Gradient Yarn kit.  Of course, you'll have a fair amount of yarn left over so you could easily knit 2 pair from the amount of yarn needed for one pair.  Kate chose a Crater Gradient and Natural in the 100g skeins for her design, and I think it would love wonderful in any number of high contrast color combinations.  Something like Moonshadow (100g solid) and Coral (gradient) would look awesome, but of course this is a combo I keep really going back to so I might be biased.

We'd love to encourage more sock designers to use our gradients for their patterns, so if you have a favorite or know someone interested in designing in the manner, we'd love to hear from them and you!

We're grateful you've joined us for another Monday post, and another gradient yarn idea.  If you're new, welcome and thanks for checking out our blog!  Keep coming back, and feel free to post your ideas below in the comments!  You can click back to our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th installments to read more.

You can also check out how we make our gradients in this post.

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