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23 Nov '15

Gradient Yarn: Fading Lines

Joji Locatelli's designs are some of my all-time favorites, and when she put together a cardigan using a gradient I was in love.  With the design, clearly.

Fading Lines by Joji

photo courtesy Joji Locatelli

Sadly, Joji didn't use Black Trillium Gradient yarn for this sweet little cardi.  But I'm happy to say "converting" the pattern to use our yarn took no work at all.  You can buy the pattern via Ravelry - here - and it's appropriately called Fading Lines.  To make it with our yarn, you will need 3 to 6 skeins for the back and sleeves, plus one (for all the sizes) gradient for the front and collar.  You can choose either of our sock yarn bases - Lilt 100g skeins & Lilt Gradient OR Pebble 100g skeins & Pebble Gradient - to make yours.  I picked Pebble Sock for mine, in Inkwell for the back & sleeves and Undine Gradient for the collar.

The thing I really loved about knitting this cardigan was how fast it went.  There's significant negative ease even in the larger sizes (unless my gauge was really that far off) and I used far less yarn than I planned to.  The unexpected speed of the project meant I got to the really fun part along the front in no time, and I was able to wear my cardigan to meet the designer when she came to town.

Me, Beth, Nele, Joji & Veera @ Happy Knits

I would put forward the following colors as great solids for the back of this project: Inkwell, Falconer, Purple Reign, Moonshadow, Better off Red, Peapod, Good Egg, Green Apple, Snapdragon, anything from our Shadowplay collection, Fjord, Espresso, Nautilus, Petal, Wash, Sprig, Lemon Chiffon, Pretty In, Cypress or Wormwood.  If you're wondering where to find out what all these different colors actually look like, check our boards on Pinterest.

So, finally, here's another shot of my own Fading Lines Cardigan, as well as one more that was knit with our gradients:

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