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20 Oct '15

A Sale in October

Posted by Melanie Dilworth

In a just a couple weeks, Black Trillium Fibres will begin it's eighth year as a solo dyeing enterprise.  With my children back in school and all the craziness that brings with it, I'm reminded what a juggle it was at times to balance family needs and keeping up with work expectations.  We've grown up a bit from those first few years, with a dedicated studio, production staff, and our own website to do with as we please.  Someday I'll introduce you to my two wonderful production assistants, because without them a single gradient wouldn't get wound and all the twisting and tagging would still be something I did at night after dinner while watching TV and winding down with my husband.  I'm glad we've grown, and of course that can't happen without a fantastic and loyal customers.

As we begin our eighth year, I'm contemplating future ideas.  We're expanding the studio to encompass the entire house we currently live in, because just this week we (as in my immediate family) are closing on a house of our own.  The lease for the studio house still doesn't allow for foot traffic for the business, although an occasional "party" (open house, in other words) wouldn't be out of bounds.  But because this house probably isn't a good permanent home for the studio, we'll be looking hard at commercial and industrial spaces over the next couple months so that we can have you all over for tea and knit night on a regular basis.

We're expanding our wholesale operation as well - so keep a look out for new retailers getting added to our list.  If you know of a store that is looking for great hand-dyed yarn, please send them our way!  We'll be attending one of the TNNA shows in 2017, after the studio gets moved and we're more settled in a new place.  Right now our yarns retail in Oregon, Washington, Indiana, Texas and Maryland.  Just 5% of US states!  I think that number could get bigger, don't you?

At any rate, this may or may not be interesting news to some, but I'm betting you're here to find out details about our current sale.  Firstly, we're offering a coupon code - OCT2015 - that will get you 20% off the bottom line no matter what you purchase.  This discount is being offered from now until end-of-day on Saturday, October 24th.  Free priority shipping will still be an option if your order goes over $100 after the coupon code and you're in the US, so check the drop down menu of shipping options when you get there.  In addition to 20% off, we've also discounted Lilt Sock, Prime, Pebble Sock, Sublime DK, and Quadra.  These are all in-stock items that are ready to ship and we'd really like to make some space in these areas for new color ideas and things.

Now for a quick word about coupon codes.  Yes, there's a comments section that will send us a note when you check out.  This not, I repeat, not, the place to enter your coupon code.  It will not take your discount off the cart total, and in order to fix this after the fact we will likely have to cancel your order and you'll get to start from scratch.  I think Paypal Express doesn't do a great job giving you opportunities to enter coupon codes either, so go the regular way to the checkout screen and enter OCT2015 in the box where it says "gift card or discount code".

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