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04 Sep '15

Polling: What colors should we dye?

Posted by Melanie Dilworth in hand dyed yarn, knitting, new yarn, Quadra

We're going to spend part of next week getting Quadra ready to go live on the website, and we'd really like your input on making a colors list for this yarn.  I put the call out today on Twitter and Facebook, and I also created a massive list/poll in our Ravelry group to get as many eyes on this as possible.  Here's the alphabetical of the Ravelry list:

10th Doctor, 12th Doctor, Anchor, Anemone, Antique

Better off Red, Buckthorne, Butterbeer, Camelot, Cerise

Chalcedony, Charcoal, Chennai, Cherry Blossom Rain, Denim

Dove, Dragon, Earth, Electric Boogie, Falconer

Fjord, Flint, Ginger, Glacier, Hedwig

Idris, Indigo, Inkwell, Iris, Jade

Lush, Mean Reds, Moonshadow, Morgana, Nautilus

Neon Raspberry, Nutmeg, Peach Blossom, Petal, Portland Rose

Pumpkin Patch, Purple Reign, Saffron, Saltwater, Sivia

Snapdragon, Snowy Tiger Eye, Storm, Super Happy Fun,Tank Grrl

Thundercloud, Tyrian, Ultramarine, Warm Glow, Zara

... and that's just a smidgeon of our repeatable colors.  To see more, check Pinterest.  A few colors are already floating around the studio to give us an idea about how the yarn takes dye and knits up.  I've knit with Oz and Hyacinth, and I have Patina wound into a ball for another hat.  Green Apple, Cypress, Sugar Flowers, and Silverlight are all ready for tags, but waiting for some other good colors before they become a product listing.

Please share and give us your feedback, we want to get this yarn started out right with colors everyone will love!


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