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30 Apr '15

Spring/Summer Events

Posted by Melanie Dilworth

Spring is for new things, or so the cliche goes.  Yet it feels like summer, as apparently only weird Portland weather can.  So while we dutifully chipped away this last week at the out-of-stock list of Pebble Gradient Yarn colors (today brought back Tidewater, Vapor, Orchid and Olive), I suddenly got the itch to test out a whole slew of new colors that have been rolling around the back of my creative brain.  With names like Cerise, Sugar Flowers, Lupine and Moonlit Periwinkle, we definitely have a candy and flowers vibe going on with the newest members of our already-large color catalog.  I've been sharing when I get a chance over on Instagram and Facebook, but the majority of the colors are still under wraps.  My personal favorite is a fall-ish color called Falconer because it came to me in one of those flash intuition moments that include the name as well as the exact shade(s).

"When" is probably the most important piece of the availability of these colors, after they've been tested and dried.  My feeling is that I stink at photography, and though my equipment is finally up to the job, my photo editing skills always leave me feeling a little flat.  I'll probably push myself around my own bad attitude and have these new colors, all dyed on Pebble Sock, as well as some one of a kind stuff, ready to go up around May 6th.

There are a couple events in the coming months that I want to mention briefly.  First, we'll be bringing our Gradients to the May 21st meeting of the Tigard Knitting Guild.  I'm going to be talking a little bit about how I got started as a dyer, and how the gradients have come to be such a big part of my dyeing schedule.  After that, we'll be having a booth yet again at Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon.  This year is the 41st BSG, and our third year as a vendor.  We'll be in the main hall this year, which includes actual air conditioning rather than "sheep smell conditioning", from June 19th to June 21st.  I'm already building my mental to-do list for the gradients, since last year we had a last minute surprise (Algiers) and wound up with a lot less stock to show at BSG.  I'm hoping to have a number of Sublime Gradients in our top 10 colors, but I'm not going to promise anything yet.

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