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13 Mar '15

Pi Day* Sale

Posted by Melanie Dilworth in gradient yarns

Since 7th grade, I've been fascinated by what the number Pi represents.  There's the lack of repetition or pattern ad infinitum, the competitions over who can memorize the most digits, and the relationship between two very different creatures: a straight line and a circle.  This number has no limitations, no concept of when to call it a day!  As a knitter, discovering a standard for shawl shaping that revolves around this beautiful number was a moment of synchronicity.  I cast on my first Pi immediately.

I'm not as dedicated as some knitters (Glenna, I'm thinking of you here) but I do love the idea of lots of versions of Pi shawls.  Today, I put together a Pinterest board to remind myself of all the wonderful things that can be done inside Elizabeth Zimmerman's brilliant formula.  Here are a few highlights to motivate you to check it out:

From left to right:

Okay, okay, but a sale was mentioned.

All of these Pi beauties are fabulous, but they need crazy yardage.  As do other lovelies like Aranami, Nuvem, and Fading Lines.  Let us make it a little easier for you to choose Pi this weekend by giving you 20% off everything.  Here's what you need to make it happen:

Now, here's a quick share about the fine print: to obtain free shipping in the US, your order must be $100 or more after the discount is applied, which happens at checkout.  The discount cannot be applied if it is only entered in the comments box, so make sure when you're checking out the discount has been applied to the bottom line before you click "pay".  You must choose free shipping from the shipping drop-down menu, because you will also be offered whatever paid shipping rate also applies to the weight of your order.

We expect to be a bit busy early next week, so give us a couple extra business days to ship.

PS Vendel is still quite available, and all the colors are now dyed so the "pre-order" business is not an issue.

PPS Luxe Sport is going to get a makeover at the mill, so what we have of the first version is marked down as well. Merino/Cashmere/Silk for $30 a skein?  That's before the sale discount, friends.


* Pi Day is March 14th every year (3.14) but this year is special because at 9:26 am this Saturday it will be 3.1415926.  It makes me want to squee like the big ole geek that I am.

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