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06 Jan '15

More Gradient Ideas

I've been meaning to share some finished knits that use gradients for some time.  For time's sake, I'm going to have to do so in pictures:

First is Spectral by Debbi Stone.  Knit using Indigo Gradient yarn in Pebble Sock.

Second is Traliccio, also by Debbi Stone.  We used Zinc Pebble Sock Gradient for this one.

Third is our 4th Quarter pattern exclusive, Shifted Shades.  Mine turned out a bit bigger than expected because I used up much more of the 1st and 2nd colors than the pattern asked for.  I think I had to adjust downward the number of rows for the 4th color, but I still managed the full border in the 5th.

Pattern by .... Debbi Stone.  I guess I'm on a kick of some kind.  Thank you for your awesome work, Debbi!

Last and certainly not least, is a pattern in development by the excellent RiotousAssembly of Oz:

Pattern is forthcoming, and will be called Del Eff.  It uses 2 Lilt Sock Gradients in contrasting colors, Smoke and Indigo.

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