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08 Oct '14

Gradient Color Comparison v 1.1

If you recall from this post, I was sharing some new comparison photos of various gradient colors.  Today I want to show you these:

L-R: Pease, Mint, Edelweiss

L-R: Ivy, Edelweiss, Shire

L-R: Kir, Plum, Lavender

L-R: Zinc, Flutter, Lavender

And last, but not least:

L-R: Crater, Zinc, Smoke

As before, all of these colors are available here.

I'm having fun playing with all the colors mingled, so please share which ones you'd like to see compared!  Twitter, Facebook, or comment here.


Oh dear…these are fabulous! I’m halfway through my second Meadow Hopper sock (KIS Designs) in Pebble Sock — Rockfish, and I’m plotting more goodies with your gorgeous gradients! The only problem is trying to choose one; they all seem to come with a built-in siren song…. When will you be back at Pints and Purls?

Posted by Beth on November 25, 2014

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