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06 Oct '14

Gradient Color Comparison v 1.0

Working on revamping my photos so that our website looks crisper and more professional was on my list of the things to do before blacktrilliumfibres.com went live.  I hesitated far too long, putting my energies toward dyeing and making my wholesale customers happy.  A growing feeling in my gut said I was procrastinating unnecessarily, so I finally spent the time needed attached to my laptop with a ball and chain in order to move us to our sparkling new venue.  The photos, as well as my lightbox and equipment set-up, were put off indefinitely.

Small tangent: if you are on another venue such as Etsy or Artfire, I would like to be so condescending as to recommend a review to you by Cory Huff of The Abundant Artist: Is Shopify the Dream Platform for Artists Who Want To Sell?  Cory speaks pretty clearly about the importance of growing your own business as opposed to someone else's, and he includes insight from another fabulous Portland artist: Amanda of Bread & Badger.  Reading the additional article linked to within the review about Art Malls would be another recommended read, if you have the time.  These sources of perspective from established artists helped me cement the concepts brewing in my dissatisfaction with Etsy, and have confirmed for me that if I want Black Trillium Fibres to be taken seriously in the long run, keeping our own shop is the way to go.

Back to the photos, which look a little grim at times.  I needed a new place for my lightbox, in a part of the studio that included much more unhindered natural light.  While waiting for my latest batch of Lilt Sock to come from the mill, I spent a considerable portion of the last week and a half organizing and cleaning to carve out a nifty little spot that gets virtually no foot traffic and thus won't be disturbed by meddling little hands.  I still need to get a new camera, but I'm pretty pleased by how much cleaner and more uniform the photos look.  Check the Pebble Sock product page - all of those colors went before the camera on a nice day one right after the other.  I'm no pro, but I'm a much happier amateur.

"How does this get us to gradient color comparisons?", you might be wondering.

Before the cleaning binge, I tried photographing the gradients all manner of ways for an upcoming ad, but nothing looked just right.  I wound up with several usable pictures, but nothing in the manner I'd hoped for, thus precipitating the necessity of the lightbox move.  Today, after several more hours of fiddling and photographing, I came up with this:

Left to right: Kir, Indigo, Pine.

I'm pretty confident people can tell these colors apart from the existing pictures.  They're just my particular favorites right now.  The three following are my idea of useful:


L-R: Yggdrasil, Pine, Pease

L-R: Xenon, Tidewater, Yggdrasil

L-R: Xenon, Sky, Water

I'll give you this caveat: blues and greens, and thus blue-greens, are wicked hard to capture without proper equipage.  This probably means that we are still just "getting there" and the best possible way to compare all these colors is going to be in person.  That digital SLR is going to be my next big business investment, though, and soon.  Along with some photo-savvy software.

Keep coming back, I have five more of these babies to share.

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