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24 Sep '14

The Right Stuff

Posted by Melanie Dilworth in features, social media

When I began dyeing yarn in the middle of 2008, Etsy was an easy place to get started selling online.  Features have been added over the years, things like integrated social media, digital downloads and discount codes, et al, but these new features were slow to appear and often lacked ease of use and transparency.  At the same time, I was reticent to leave a platform I was familiar with and that my customers were accustomed to navigating.  The leap finally had to be made, though, because traffic and interest in the gradient yarns demanded it.

Here are some features that I can't believe we lived without for five years I really like about our new website that I want to highlight this week:

Contacting us is a whole lot easier. 

If you're a retail customer, you want this page right here.  Right now I'm at a loss to think of what we didn't cover on the FAQ page, but I'm sure there's something and we'd love to hear from you about it.  Both of these pages can also be reached via menus at the top and bottom of the site no matter what product you're looking at.

If you're a brick and mortar store interested in learning about our wholesale waiting list, check out this page.  We can't offer the gradient yarns to stores, but we have five really lovely yarn substrates with new ones being added seasonally.

Social media.

You can find links to our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts at the bottom of the sidebar.  I especially love Pinterest and Instagram because they are visually based, and nothing could be more visually oriented than crafting and dyeing yarn.  The first 11 boards on Pinterest showcase our regular colors, gradient colors, patterns designed with Black Trillium Yarns, and most recently finished projects using our various yarns.  The only thing missing is a direct link to our Ravelry group.


I think that's enough to digest in a timely fashion.  Let me know if there's something you really want to hear about in terms of features, plans for the future, or product suggestions at service [at] blacktrilliumfibres [dot] com.

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