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22 Sep '14

Cladonia & Other (Gradient) Yarn Projects

I'm in between knit-along projects right now, so I've decided to start this:

Cladonia in Beach Glass and Sheaf Gradient Yarn

It's Cladonia by Kirsten Kapur and I'm using one skein of Pebble Sock in Beach Glass and one Pebble Sock Gradient Yarn kit in Sheaf.  I'll be doing a larger version of the pattern so I can use up a bit more yarn, but I may have to do the math as I go on how many repeats of each gradient shade to knit.

One of my other projects is to finalize a pattern I've had in the works for nearly a year using my Pebble Worsted.

Cables AND stranded colorwork.  I love it.  I have it all pretty much worked out with the exception of a couple of finishing details, so hopefully I'll be able to announce it soon.

One of the things I would really like to do is have lots of my regular colors dyed up on 100g skeins and put up a whole collection now that we have this shiny new website.  In fact, I have quite a bit of Pebble Sock dyed up, just waiting to have its picture taken.  It's the other base yarns, and my schedule, that present a challenge.  Having both my kiddos back in school makes more, work, not less.  So if you care about such things, know that there are always plans for more yarn.

I have one last photo to share, of a project-to-be:

My copy of Shifted Shades and the yarn I plan to use for it, Lilt Sock Gradient Yarn in Yggdrasil.  I'm so excited, and I have to wait two whole weeks to cast on.  Want to knit along with me?

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