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28 Aug '14

Introduction to the New Website

Posted by Melanie Dilworth in black trillium, Gradient Yarn, gradient yarns, News

I am so happy to have finally made the move to my own website! It seem like I've been dreaming about and researching the best way to approach this change-over for so long that it has become a permanent line item on my to-do list.  Don't get me wrong, Etsy was a great place to start out, but as I've grown and Etsy has changed its parameters over the years the fit has gotten less and less comfortable.  Now, with complete control over appearance and availability, I think we can better showcase all the wonderful things we have to offer!

Let's take a minute to explore some of the new setup:

Gradient Yarns - This section will encompass all the different things we can do when dyeing the gradient yarns.  Right now, the 165 g Lilt Sock and Pebble Sock gradient yarn kits are the only things available, but future plans for this area include 500 g full sized gradient yarn kits in all of our base yarns as well as the Spectrum Gradient Yarns.  There are a couple features I really love about the way the Gradient yarns are now set up:

  • you can see all the colors, all at once - granted it takes a lot of scrolling down, but they're all there!
  • when you choose a color from the drop-down box, the corresponding picture shows up

100 gram skeins - There isn't anything to put in this section just yet, but we've begun production on our top 40 repeatable colors on Pebble Sock and plan to follow that up with the same color selection in all of our yarn bases as they become available in the right quantities.  This is going to take some time, so you'll have to bear with us, but we'd be happy to direct you to one of our many wonderful stockists that have current 100g skein stock available in the interim.

Pattern Ideas - This is by far one of my favorite features about having "my own place".  I want very much for folks to see what wonderful creations can be made with Black Trillium Fibres yarns, and get to know all the fabulous designers I've had the pleasure of working with over the years.  If you scroll through the page, you'll see it is divided up into on part for Gradient Yarns and another for regular repeatables.  I dare you not to click through to any of them!

  • one thing the Pattern Ideas section really needs is good photos.  I have a few of my own that I'll be able to load at some point, but if you have knit any of the patterns listed and have a high-quality photo you'd like to share, please email it to me at service@blacktrilliumfibres.com.

I think that's a good quick introduction, don't you?  I'll be back with more in-depth posts about various parts of the new site.  Thanks for checking out our new blog and shop, and happy crafting!

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