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21 Feb '14

Waggle Dance

I've consistently had a lot of fun and some very good luck working with individual brick and mortar stores to create special colors just for their customers. The Knitting Bee, which is also my original "knit night" shop, is no exception. I've known Jami, the owner, for longer than I've been a dyer, and so I'm especially happy to have my yarns in her wonderful shop. For this year's Rose City Yarn Crawl, we thought we'd put together a new and different speckle paint in the spirit of Hedwig and our gorgeous Pacific Northwest spring. Named "Waggle Dance" by Jami, this colorway includes grassy green, golden honey yellow, royal blue and bright fuchsia pink. We worked together to pair Waggle Dance with several colors for Michele Berstein's Mystery KAL Shawl and decided on Peapod, Heather, Idris and Butterbeer, but it was hard to narrow down to just those four! If you'd like to see Waggle Dance in person and you're here in Portland, please do come by and see it (and me!) at the upcoming trunk show Jami and I have planned for the RCYC. I'll have lots of Lilt Sock, including quite a lot of Waggle Dance, as well as some Pebble Sock and my new yarn, Sublime. I'll be at the Bee for Knit Night on Wednesday February 26 - although it sounds like most everyone is headed to the RCYC Yarn Ball. I will also be at the Bee Saturday March 1 for a fair amount of the morning and afternoon.

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