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16 Dec '13

From 3 to 6

Posted by 69943844 in Black Trillium, Dyeing, gradients
Gradients have become the center of my dyeing universe lately. The speed at which these things fly out of the shop has been building over the last six or seven months - I've been doing them for a year, and the hubbub sincerely started around Vogue Knitting Live last April. Now, more often than not a color will sell out within 24 hours of listing it. This is hard to keep up with, since I have more than 40 gradient kit shades to keep in stock. New stratagems are in order, and so I started testing the dyeing formulas to see if they would work in multiples rather than the single skein-per-shade I had been working with. By single skein, I mean 100 gram skein, which then gets wound down into 33 grams skeins. The testing has worked, so instead of 3 kits per dyeing and winding session, I can now get at least six. Bark went back up tonight, the 3rd of my multiple testers. Last week, I dyed up Flutter, Bitter, Indigo, Smoke, Vapor, Olive and Jam in addition to Bark, all in numbers that will allow me to list 6 at a time. I'm hoping this will lead to more colors being in stock at once, since I'm highly averse to selling things that are dyed-to-order. Be patient with me while we figure out this ramping up, and I'm happy to have a suggestion if there's a color you wish to see back in the shop above others.

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