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30 Oct '13

In The Kitchen Window

I have a sewing project I want to share. I have a kitchen window that desperately needed dressing up and covering up at the same time. The window in question looks directly out across all of three feet to the neighbor's kitchen window. This in connection with my love of natural light means I want my shades open but feel awkward doing so. Solution: Kitchen Towel Curtains. First, I bought heavier-weight kitchen towels with a pattern I really liked. I found mine at Williams-Sonoma, but just about anything works. Then I washed, dried and ironed the towels. I'm obviously skipping the bit where I measured my towels against the window to figure out how many to use, but it did happen. I picked matching grosgrain ribbon, 1.5 inches wide and 12 feet per roll, as well as a bobbin of matching thread. Contrasting thread might be a nice touch if I do this again in the future. I cut the ribbon into widths about 1/2" longer than my towels were on their shorter side, one cut of ribbon per towel. I pinned the ribbon's cut edges and sewed them down with a straight stitch. A nice, sharp needle is an essential part of this project as grosgrain ribbon is tough stuff. Even more so up against fabric that is meant to take kitchen wear and tear. Next, I pinned the ribbon onto the top edge of the wrong side of the towel. Sorry, neighbors, you get the not-so-pretty side. I wanted as much space as possible for my curtain rod, so I used a 1/16" inch seam allowance in sewing my ribbons. After trimming all the extra thread bits - knitters, no weaving in ends! glorious! - I ironed my towel curtains once more before hanging them. In this case, I'm happy to be using an tensioned curtain rod. No measuring or power drill necessary, but I did use my level to make sure the rod was as straight as I could get it. Since the towels came in packs of 2 and I only needed three total, I now have an extra kitchen towel to match my new curtains. There's this lovely glow of satisfaction in my chest, knowing I can have daylight and privacy at the same time, and the whole project took about half an hour.

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