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24 Oct '13

Yarnie Cakes

Today was a great day in terms of my parenting commitments, but as a knitter & a dyer it was a total bust. Being a parent-teacher is always a joy, but it is also very exhausting so when we got home from school and lunch, I napped and watched this video of Katherine Tate and Daniel Craig that I found on Pinterest. See, I told you, total waste of an afternoon. Sorry, Mr. Craig, it isn't you, it's me. Well, okay, maybe not a total waste of an afternoon. I vacuumed the whole house because my mum is coming in for the weekend, then I wound up two sets of gradients into cakes for a project I want to cast on. The laundry, gradient tagging and the dishes all got squeezed in there. But really, Thursday, you and Tuesday are making me look like a lazy bum! Now for some yarnie cake goodness: For this, for real this time.

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