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16 Oct '13

Fiar Progress

I've dyed so many gradients in the last two days that I feel like I could do this routine in my sleep. That's okay, I love the colors and even though some of them really fly I keep wanting to hold one of everything aside so I can knit if for myself. I'm a selfish knitter, what can I say? When I have had a couple minutes here and there to knit, I've been working on my latest edition of Fiar: I made it into the 3rd shade today, and I think that must the point at which the gradience of the whole thing really starts to show because I find myself far more enthusiastic about knitting mid-way than at the beginning. I'm not sure if its obvious, but I'm working the full 20-row repeat and changing colors between the 1st and 2nd garter ridges. I only cast on for 10 repeats so I'll have a much smaller cowl, and it will be a bit tall, which I'm looking forward to. I found myself a really excellent silk/cotton sweater dress (on sale, I love hunting down good deals on great clothes!) in the perfect shade of charcoal today, and I think my latest Smokey Fiar will be the perfect accent.

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