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16 Nov '12

Where the Picture Should Be

Last night, under cover of darkness I delivered the 45 Degrees North restock & relaunch to Twisted. Four big boxes of fingering in all 30 colors and worsted in 16 select colors were dropped off, thus relinquishing my schedule to less grueling tasks. And did I get a picture or two? You bet.... Or not. As is the case with most really large projects (insert reference to sixty kilos of laceweight here) I cannot wait to see the back end of them by the time we get to the dyed-and-dry phase. I love all the colors and I revel in watching everything come out bright and shiny. I also really love the feeling of relief at getting through a task that takes all my time and energy for weeks on end. I'm a progress person, what can I say? So cruise by your local Twisted PDX shoppe (2310 Northeast Broadway Street Portland, OR 97232) or check 'em out online sometime early next week for the latest and greatest solids and semi-solids in Oregon-inspired shades. Cheers!

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